Announcing the new Kim Hazelwood Glass Library and Myra Lee Book Nook!

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One of the most inspiring success stories to come out of The Cabbage Patch is that of the late Kim Glass, who was the first Cabbage Patch College Scholar and, later, a Patch Board member. Thanks to her hard work and the opportunities afforded to her because of her active participation in our programs, Kim became an architect and was a driving force behind The Patch’s facility expansion which was completed in 2009. In honor of Kim’s inspirational legacy at The Patch and her daughter Myra Lee’s love of reading, her friends at Virginia Chance School had a vision for the perfect tribute. This vision has become reality in the newly dedicated Kim Hazelwood Glass Library and Myra Lee Book Nook.

Myra Lee and Doyle Glass in Myra Lee's Book Nook

Doyle and Myra Lee Glass in Myra Lee’s Book Nook

The newly dedicated space is located in the Educational Opportunities Department and was formerly known as the reading room. It is a quiet oasis tucked away from the hustle and bustle of our more action-packed spaces like the gym or performing arts room. Chance School volunteers collected more than 300 books to stock the new bookshelves, and several books were designated for a special book giveaway for The Cabbage Patch children! Chance art teacher Janie Langan worked with Patch Recreation and Youth Development Specialist Elizabeth Smith to guide Chance and Cabbage Patch children through projects to create new handmade art for the space. New beanbags and couches provide comfortable resting places for children ready to embark on reading adventures.

The Cabbage Patch Executive Director Tracy Holladay addresses the group at the dedication

The Cabbage Patch Executive Director Tracy Holladay addresses the group at the dedication

The new space was dedicated in a ceremony packed with smiling faces from Myra Lee’s class at Chance. Friends and family members shared memories of Kim and reflected on the impact that such a wonderful library will make on the at-risk children served by The Cabbage Patch. Years from now, when young people ask “Who is Kim Glass?” we can tell them how she was once a child just like them, and she achieved many goals and dreams through dedication and perseverance. We are blessed to have Kim’s memory as a testament to what children can do when we believe in them.

Art made by Chance School students

Art made by Chance School students

Sincere thanks to the following Virginia Chance School volunteers for making The Kim Hazelwood Glass Library and Myra Lee Book Nook a reality:

Debbie Houston, Head of School

Janie Langdon, Art Teacher

Colleen O’Malley, Project Coordinator

Emma Weber, Project Coordinator

The children and families of Chance School who helped with new books and artwork

For more photos of the dedication, check out our Facebook gallery!