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Young Chef Day Camp Gave Campers a Sweet Week

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This summer, The Cabbage Patch hosted its first ever cooking summer camp. Each morning, participants in the Young Chef Day Camp prepared a meal for that day: and their cuisine, included dishes from Italy, China and India. Young Chef Day Camp allowed campers to make decisions, use problem solving skills and involve a lot of subjects. Reading, vocabulary, science, health, art and nutrition were all part of the cooking process, which made learning fun. The camp kicked off with cooking breakfast food such as eggs and apple strudel muffins with Leslie Ellis. Throughout the week campers also took field trips to 610 Magnolia, The Comfy Cow and Schimpff’s Confectionary. At 610 Magnolia, the children and youth enjoyed a day of fine dining.  Edward Lee, Chef and owner, also winner on the Food Network’s Iron Chef and a fan favorite on Top Chef Texas, Season 9, gave the campers a tour of 610 Magnolia and then treated them to a three-course meal. “Their three-course meal included corn soup, chicken, green beans on top of potatoes and had chocolate mousse for dessert. He then kindly provided signed menus made especially for the Cabbage Patch campers,” said Elizabeth Smith, Recreation & Youth Development Specialist for The Cabbage Patch. At the Comfy Cow on Frankfort Avenue campers got a tour, complimentary sundaes and had the opportunity to ask co-owner, Tim Koons-McGee questions. At Schimpff’s Confectionary campers got a tour of their candy museum and got to see Red Hots and chocolate made. On “Italian Day”, the menu prepared included meatballs, parmesan garlic bread and rainbow salads. The children made their own meatballs and cut the veggies for the salad with chef volunteer, Mary Wheatley of On “Chinese Day” the menu included a chicken dish, fried rice and almond cookies. In addition, on “Indian Day” campers learned about vegetarian and vegan cuisine and then cooked chickpea curry, mint chutney and a rice dish. Campers finished up their week with a cake decorating lesson and made chicken nuggets from scratch.  Young Chef Day Camp was hands-on and results oriented, so at the end of the week the campers whisked away with valuable skills in following directions, working with their peers and a sense of accomplishment....

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Secret Garden Day Camp: Plant filled baskets, bright scarves and an experience they will never forget

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Summer camps kicked off the week of June 10 at the Patch. The Secret Garden Day Camp for children ages 9-16 unlocked the secret wonder of plants through field trips to Oxmoor Farm (The Food Literacy Project), Suzy’s Clay Studio, Louisville Science Center, Bernheim Forest and the Falls of the Ohio. At Oxmoor Farm, campers picked, planted and then cooked plants including strawberries, kale and beets; then they planted tomatoes and cooked omelets. The food festivities did not end there, campers also baked bread and shook cream until it became butter. Along with food fun and cooking an herbal feast, there were crafts to channel the campers’ creativity. Campers studied the art of Henna, wove baskets out of the reed plant, dyed silk scarves with lac bugs and painted with the yucca and mulberry plants. To finish up the week, campers made plants into herbal lotion, grapefruit lotion bars and cosmetics.  Elizabeth Smith, a Recreation & Youth Development Specialist for The Cabbage Patch, said her favorite part was the end result of all of their hard work, “This camp is very tangible, campers get to see what they accomplished and I love to see how excited they are.” The campers learned about plants as food, as dyes and products, Elizabeth said. Campers walked away from Secret Garden Day Camp with plant filled baskets, bright scarves and an experience they will never forget. See more photos on Facebook. ...

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