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The Cabbage Patch on WAY-FM’s “Community Spotlight”

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Tracy Holladay, Executive Director, and Charissa Acree from The Cabbage Patch Settlement House talked to local radio station WAY-FM about our work to profoundly change the lives of children and families. The interview aired on November 10th. You can listen in below.      ...

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Because you support The Cabbage Patch…I know that I matter.

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It was an honest question from a 12-year-old boy who didn’t think he was ever going to amount to much. For a year, he had struggled to get along with other children his age at school and at The Cabbage Patch. Sometimes he would act out to get attention. Other days, he walked in the door with a bad attitude. But staff members and volunteers knew that life at home was not always easy for him. Every day, the boy was greeted by volunteers and staff who took an honest interest in him: they worked to help him adjust his behavior, they helped him play well with other children as part of a team during group games in the gym, and they helped him with his homework when he was struggling with an assignment.  One day, astounded, he asked Mr. Raz: “Why do you care about me so much?” Mr. Raz responded with a big smile: “Because I just do.” Over the last year, the boy changed his behavior drastically, adopted a good attitude and decided to set goals for himself. He is on the honor roll at school, active on the track team, and looking forward to starting his first year of high school this...

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Performing Arts Build Confidence

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This summer, parents and friends were amazed when tiny little Anna walked into the middle of the stage and clearly and confidently said her lines in front of a packed audience of parents, siblings, and friends from The Cabbage Patch. “She is usually so shy!” her mother said. Now, Anna is 10 years old and blossoming into a good little actress in the Performing Arts Program at The Patch. This summer, she played a lead role in several performances made possible through our summer camp program. The audience loves her, and when she is standing on stage, she is truly radiant. The Performing Arts Program teaches The Patch children and youth all about the various aspects of theater, including lighting, set & costume design, and, of course, acting! This summer, campers worked toward a final Friday performance that included renditions of the Three Little Pigs and The Little Mermaid. “I like that plays at The Cabbage Patch allow you to act in front of people you know,” Anna said. “I’ve learned that if you stay confidence and focused, you can get a lot accomplished!” We agree! Thanks to partnerships with local organizations like ArtsReach and Fund for the Arts, in addition to support from donors like you, The Cabbage Patch is able to provide performing arts programs and camps to children and youth throughout the...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Faulkner Real Estate

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It all began when an employee of Faulkner Real Estate shared how she had benefited “I was drawn in by the fact that one organization could have such a profound influence on someone’s life,” said Theresa Settle with Faulkner Real Estate. “I strongly believed [The Patch] should be something we supported with our generosity.” This belief led to a series of annual fundraising events—all designed to purchase food items for the Cabbage Patch pantry, back-to-school supplies, and the presents and food for Cabbage Patch families at Christmas. An annual bowling tournament held each spring is Faulkner’s primary fundraising event. “We were looking for a way to have an event fundraiser whereby we could involve our employees and vendors for the support of an organization that helped the community,” Theresa explained. “Bowling was a fun activity that we could involve our employees, their families, and our vendors in. The event has grown through the years, and now we have raffle items that have been donated by various businesses in the area.” At the bowling tournament a couple of years ago, someone approached Theresa and asked who the event was benefiting. “I told her that we were having a fundraising event for The Cabbage Patch Settlement House. She looked at me rather surprised and said:  ‘Oh my gosh, I grew up going to the Patch.  If it wasn’t for them, my family would never have survived.’ She went on to say that the Patch provided her family with food and helped her and her brothers and sisters after school.  She said they made a difference in her family.  What better testimonial is that for the good works being performed by The Patch!” Faulkner has several other social event activities during the year that they use to raise money for support. “We have a March Madness Chili Cook-Off and Bake Sale which is very fun and well supported by the employees. The winner of the chili cook-off contest has their name placed on a replica of a fire hydrant.” Faulkner also raises money each Friday when employees donate $1 to wear jeans. “We continue to support The Cabbage Patch from year to year because we can see the impact it has on families,” Theresa said. “We receive thank you notes in the mail from kids we have helped through school supply donations. And the faces of delight that we see when we deliver Christmas presents and food to families who were not expecting to have a Christmas at all.” “I want others in our community to know that the services The Cabbage Patch offers make a difference in people’s lives,” Theresa said. “The support they provide is good, as they say, for both the ‘body and the soul’.  They believe in what they do and the many accomplishments that come from the services they provide speaks for itself. “ To learn how your company or organization can engage with The Cabbage Patch, visit our Volunteer...

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A Summer of Discovery At The Patch

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When Billy’s mother brought him to The Cabbage Patch this summer, she wanted him to be around more children and socialize more. “He can be a little awkward around others his age,” she explained. She also expressed concern that he was very behind in his reading skills. But after just a few weeks of participating in various Summer Camps at The Cabbage Patch, Billy opened up to staff and his peers. It also became very obvious to the staff in Educational Opportunities that Billy was quickly improving his reading skills—he just needed a little one-on-one help to catch up. In fact, Billy went on to win first prize at the Science Fair this year as part of Science Day Camp! When we asked Billy what the highlight of his summer camp experience was, he proudly stated, “Winning first place in the science fair, and reading better! I didn’t know I could do either of those things.” Billy’s story is one example of how Summer Camps at The Cabbage Patch profoundly change lives. This summer, 406 total campers (some children attend more than one camp) enrolled in 31 different summer camps offered through The Cabbage Patch, for a total of 17,852 hours spent learning, growing, and developing skills that will last a lifetime. *Names have been changed to respect the privacy of those we...

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