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You and The Cabbage Patch Have Changed Lives for the Better

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“…there is a debt of gratitude to you all, from me and the other Cabbage Patch scholars. Together, you all and The Cabbage Patch have changed lives for the better and that is something truly remarkable. I speak for myself, as well as my colleagues, when I say we truly appreciate all that you have done for us, and that we still need your support to succeed. Thank you.” -Daron Peterson, 2014 Auction Speech

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An Experience in Generosity with [give] 502!

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40 young professionals. $20,000. 36 worthy nonprofits. It sounds like the beginning of a reality TV show, and it is every bit as exciting. The Give 502 organization challenged young professionals to donate $502 each this year so they could pool the money and learn what it means to be major donors in the community.

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Back to School with the Patch!

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Do you remember when “back to school” meant freshly sharpened pencils, notebooks, rulers and erasers? The supply lists have grown since then, and it can be hard for families to keep up with the expense! According to The Huffington Post, the average family spent $634.78 on school supplies this year. That’s a significant amount of money for many Patch Parents who live on a tight budget.

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Lessons Carved in Stone

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Summer camps have come to an end, and not only have we created a lot of great memories, we have started some new beginnings. Camp participants have had opportunities all summer to try new things and discover new talents. The children have learned computer skills that will help them throughout their school and professional careers, participated in performance opportunities that build confidence, visited college campuses to help make higher education decisions and more!

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Victories Big and Small

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What do you think most teenagers look forward to when they think of summer? A break from school, sleeping in, staying up late and lounging by the pool may be the activities that come to mind. But here at The Cabbage Patch, we have a very special group of teens who spend most of the year preparing to challenge themselves mentally, physically and spiritually with a 100 mile biking and camping trip on the C & O Canal Bike Trail!

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