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Camp Kids Take the Stage!

Posted by on Jul 10, 2014 in Stories from The Patch | 0 comments

Glee Camp helps the children of The Cabbage Patch boost their confidence by creating a friendly, encouraging environment where they can practice their singing skills and perform in front of a crowd. What a beautiful way to make their voices heard!

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A World Outside Our Neighborhood

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You don’t need a passport to discover a world of art and culture! This summer, the children of The Cabbage Patch traveled the globe without leaving Louisville as part of the Around the World Day Camp.

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We’re Down with Clowns at The Cabbage Patch!

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This summer at The Cabbage Patch, it’s OK to be the class clown! In memory of the beloved Juju the Clown, day campers learned about costumes, creating a character, skits, performance skills and more…all in the name of comedy and camaraderie!

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Celebrating “The Art of Creating Opportunities!”

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Nearly 50 people attended the Celebration Luncheon on Wednesday, June 4, and Barbara Sexton Smith of Fund for the Arts captivated the crowd. Her poignant speech showed that creativity and determination truly does overcome adversity.

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An Oasis in the Food Desert

Posted by on May 30, 2014 in Stories from The Patch | 0 comments

In 2010, the University of Louisville published a study called “The State of Food: A Snapshot of Food Access in Louisville” that examined inequities in the food system in our communities. The study was authored by the Food in Neighborhoods (FiN) committee, a group of nonprofit organizations, public health advocates, local government officials, farmers and concerned citizens. Formed under the Mayor’s Healthy Hometown Movement (MHHM), the FiN committee began as a convergence between the Food Security Task Force and the MHHM’s Family and Communities Committee. The full report can be found here, and it reinforces the need for one of our most beloved programs – Seed to Table.

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