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Paging Future Doctors…Science Camp at The Patch!

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At the University of Louisville’s School of Medicine, Cabbage Patch science campers leaned close to a hospital bed to inspect a very realistic medical simulation robot.

“My chest hurts!” Suddenly the robot seemed to spring to life, but he wasn’t feeling well! Campers jumped back in surprise, and nervous laughter ensued. Once they composed themselves, they began to ask the “patient” about his symptoms with rehearsed questions they had learned in an earlier session.

“What kind of pain is it?” asked one camper. “Can you rate your pain on a scale of 1-10?” asked another. Medical student Samantha Sears produced a stethoscope and the children explored the situation further. The kids also saw that the “patient’s” fingers and toes were blue (there were blue LEDs inside the robot’s fingers and toes).

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The Art of Flavor: Lessons From Young Chefs’ Camp!

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Supporters like Harvest Moon Farm, The Crane House, Louvino, Oxmoor Farm and Seviche (some of our Young Chefs’ Camp partners) make education a community-driven experience for the children served by The Cabbage Patch! Thank you for your generosity, which assures that all children have access to summer camp.

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I Spy Learning Opportunities!

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One morning at the Cabbage Patch, the children of Spy Camp infiltrated the administrative offices. They had some questions for Emma Gonna Planitall, a secret agent who specializes in event planning.

“What is your shoe size?” asked one camper as he peered at his agent dossier. He and his fellow spies were trying to find the double agent in our midst who had stolen their spy graduate certificates. Without them, they could not go on to advanced training! They were intrigued by a footprint they had found outside…

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Kids and Technology: A Winning Combination!

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With recent government cuts to after school and summer programs, it is more important than ever that privately funded organizations fill the need for constructive out of school programming. At The Cabbage Patch, we are blessed to have supporters that make creative solutions possible for the challenges faced by at-risk children.

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Who Likes Free Books? We Like Free Books!

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When a Little Free Library appears in a neighborhood, the first reaction is often curiosity. People pause to see what’s inside the interesting little box, and they wonder who put it there. We thought we would share the story behind our Little Library at 1421 S. 6th St.

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