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Patch Performers Shine with Vault 1031!

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“Let us entertain you!”

The chorus refrain from one of the final numbers of The Cabbage Patch’s Musical Theater Day Camp Talent Share brought cheers from the audience members, who were indeed entertained by performances in dance, stepping, song and more! This year, The Patch was proud to partner with Vault 1031, a local non-profit that is revitalizing the South Broadway, Limerick and Old Louisville neighborhoods by supporting artistic expression.

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Young Chefs Meet Top Chef

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“What is in this butter?!” a girl asked Chef Edward Lee during Young Chef Day Camp, eliciting laughs from fellow campers. It was the question they had all wanted to ask; they had never tasted anything like it. Chef Lee, who was hosting the group for a gourmet meal at his renowned restaurant 610 Magnolia, took the opportunity to teach the children about sorghum, a lesser-known crop than sugarcane that lends sweetness to dishes. He explained how sorghum is grown, harvested and processed, and finally how it got into the butter that the children were enjoying so much.

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Young Authors Embark on a Catasterous Cruise

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What, you’ve never heard the word catasterous? Time to expand your imaginary vocabulary! Catasterous is a combination of catastrophe and disastrous, but much more adventurous than either. Since the right word doesn’t exist to describe this year’s literary adventure created in partnership with Baxter’s Corner, the Young Authors camp came up with one of their own!

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The World at Their Fingertips

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Children at The Cabbage Patch don’t have to go far to have the world at their fingertips! Cooking, art projects and demonstrations all provide exciting learning experiences during Around The World Day Camp!

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Giddy Up and Go with HOOF!

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What can you learn from a horse? Some lessons are simple: perhaps you are afraid to get in the saddle, but you build courage by riding anyway. Some lessons are a little more complex: the way you lead a horse is a lot like leading people…are you patient? Do you work with the horse or get frustrated if he doesn’t obey?

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