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You Support Whole Families

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“I thought (The Patch) was a place to drop off my kids. That’s not what it is. It’s a place that gives counsel. It helps the parent, it helps the kids.” Click below to watch the video featuring Gloria to see more of how your support helps...

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A New Book by The Cabbage Patch Young Authors Camp

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In Partnership with Baxter’s Corner Thanks to The Cabbage Patch’s partnership with Baxter’s Corner, Young Author’s Camp is a wonderful program that helps our children develop their storytelling skills! Last year, we saw the Young Authors “Going Bananas in Space” with their debut book. This year, many of our favorite characters have returned with the sequel, “The Catasterous Cruise,” that finds our heroes on a journey filled with mermaids, fairies, and a mystical land made of chocolate and candy! Will they return to The Patch in time to harvest their banana crop for intergalactic trade? You’ll have to read the book to find out! Working with the Baxter’s Corner creative team, Chief Pencil and Chief Crayon, is a special opportunity for the children of The Cabbage Patch. Participants learn to collaborate as storytellers and allow teamwork to drive their creative vision. They begin with a rough draft that serves as the framework of the piece, and then work together in teams to refine elements like dialogue and illustrations. Having a professional author and illustrator as their mentors during the process is an incredibly valuable experience. For more information about Baxter’s Corner, visit You can purchase your copy of Going Bananas in Space, by clicking on this title or the book. You will be taken to the book’s page on Amazon.  The book makes a great Christmas gift and features educational, craft and cooking activities for children in grades 2 through...

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The Cabbage Patch helped mold me into the man I am today.

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“Not only did The Patch keep me out of trouble after school (and help my dad get some rest), it also helped to mold me into the man I am today.  Every single staff member has had a role in moving me onward and upward in life. Everyone cared, and everyone contributed, which says something significant about The Patch, when everyone loves you so much that no one stands out; it means there is a lot of love and guidance for one young man to receive.  That level of love made a difference and helped to shape every part of me:  evenings in education made me a Patch Scholar; the discipline and encouragement of leadership development helped make me a soldier; debates and conversations in teen club prepared me to be the Public Relations chair of the Black Student Union; and the welcoming atmosphere made it a natural choice for me to take on being the Freshman Welcome Week coordinator.”   Sherman is a member of Kentucky Army National Guard   “Most importantly, unlike too many of my peers who didn’t have a place like this in their lives, I’m also alive today thanks to the patience and love of my father and the Patch staff.”  – Sherman Everett, excerpt from Sherman’s speech at the  2015 Annual...

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Your Support Makes College Possible

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“Just knowing that people actually had hope in me and actually wanted me to do better for myself, that was a big push for me. I honestly can’t thank them enough.” –Jaquail Fowler, Cabbage Patch College Scholar.     Each year as part of The Cabbage Patch College Scholars Program, approximately 25-30 young adults with demonstrated financial need receive financial and moral support to assure their success in college. A partnership with University of Kentucky, which provides substantial scholarships for our College Scholars, has enabled The Patch to expand the program to serve greater numbers of at-risk...

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Speech of Daron Peterson, Cabbage Patch Scholar, given at the Annual Auction, September 2014

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Click the video to hear Daron’s inspiring speech    

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