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You Make It All Possible at The Cabbage Patch.

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Because of you, Lanayia gets to be herself. Because of you, Abdi gets to go to college. Because of you, Natalya’s life is “Awesome!” Because of you, more than 1,000 lives are profoundly changed each year....

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You Help Create an Environment of Giving

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“I grew up in a neighborhood of takers, and The Cabbage Patch is an environment of givers.” – Bob Willis, Senior Account Executive, Neace Lukens Insurance Company. Bob Willis and his wife Marita, who is President of E-Home America, grew up in the Park Hill housing projects. For them, The Cabbage Patch was a place where they learned to understand accountability and responsibility and develop the integrity that has led to their success in business and...

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You Don’t Want to Miss Putt fore The Patch!

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April 16, 2014 Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center This April, The Cabbage Patch invites you to tee up and take a swing at the 4th Annual Putt fore The Patch miniature golf tournament. This unique 18-hole indoor miniature “putt-putt” competition raises funds to support programs for children and families served by The Cabbage Patch Settlement House. Learn More >

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