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Oxmoor & Progressive Team Together, Give Patch Family “Recycled Ride”

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Good things do happen to good people. At least they do when Oxmoor Auto Group and a local team from Progressive Insurance are involved.

Two months ago, Progressive & Oxmoor teamed together through a nationwide community service project called Recycled Rides to repair and donate a recycled car to a deserving local family. Then they called The Cabbage Patch to see if we had a family we could recommend.

Stephanie is a hard-working mother to 11-year-old Aaliyah. For more than a year, Stephanie has struggled with problems with her 2001 Dodge Neon. With no air conditioning, a broken heater, and electrical problem that constantly drained the battery, the car was becoming undependable, and the costs to repair the issues amounted to more than the value of the car. Stephanie works diligently as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a local hospital, but the loss of reliable transportation could eliminate her ability to get to work and possibly jeopardize her job.

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The Cabbage Patch on WAY-FM’s “Community Spotlight”

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Tracy Holladay, Executive Director, and Charissa Acree from The Cabbage Patch Settlement House talked to local radio station WAY-FM about our work to profoundly change the lives of children and families. The interview aired on November 10th. You can listen in below.      ...

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Performing Arts Build Confidence

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This summer, parents and friends were amazed when tiny little Anna walked into the middle of the stage and clearly and confidently said her lines in front of a packed audience of parents, siblings, and friends from The Cabbage Patch. “She is usually so shy!” her mother said. Now, Anna is 10 years old and blossoming into a good little actress in the Performing Arts Program at The Patch. This summer, she played a lead role in several performances made possible through our summer camp program. The audience loves her, and when she is standing on stage, she is truly radiant. The Performing Arts Program teaches The Patch children and youth all about the various aspects of theater, including lighting, set & costume design, and, of course, acting! This summer, campers worked toward a final Friday performance that included renditions of the Three Little Pigs and The Little Mermaid. “I like that plays at The Cabbage Patch allow you to act in front of people you know,” Anna said. “I’ve learned that if you stay confidence and focused, you can get a lot accomplished!” We agree! Thanks to partnerships with local organizations like ArtsReach and Fund for the Arts, in addition to support from donors like you, The Cabbage Patch is able to provide performing arts programs and camps to children and youth throughout the...

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A Summer of Discovery At The Patch

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When Billy’s mother brought him to The Cabbage Patch this summer, she wanted him to be around more children and socialize more. “He can be a little awkward around others his age,” she explained. She also expressed concern that he was very behind in his reading skills. But after just a few weeks of participating in various Summer Camps at The Cabbage Patch, Billy opened up to staff and his peers. It also became very obvious to the staff in Educational Opportunities that Billy was quickly improving his reading skills—he just needed a little one-on-one help to catch up. In fact, Billy went on to win first prize at the Science Fair this year as part of Science Day Camp! When we asked Billy what the highlight of his summer camp experience was, he proudly stated, “Winning first place in the science fair, and reading better! I didn’t know I could do either of those things.” Billy’s story is one example of how Summer Camps at The Cabbage Patch profoundly change lives. This summer, 406 total campers (some children attend more than one camp) enrolled in 31 different summer camps offered through The Cabbage Patch, for a total of 17,852 hours spent learning, growing, and developing skills that will last a lifetime. *Names have been changed to respect the privacy of those we...

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Washington D.C. Bike Travel Camp taught youth about history, nature and bike riding

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The Washington D.C. Bike Travel Camp gave youth at The Patch a chance to experience history, nature and bike riding, and—like all of the Cabbage Patch summer camps—provided an opportunity to build relationships and skills that will help them outside of The Patch. During the week of July 29, campers ages 13-19, took their cycling talent to the trails and rode 100+ miles on the Great Allegany Pass and the C&O Canal Tow Path from Maryland to D.C. The week kicked off at the Mason-Dixon Line with bike riding, climbing a rock wall, and shooting some hoops. While staying at campgrounds throughout the week, youth became accustomed with nature seeing butterflies, frogs and turtles. “On the bike trip, we had a group of teens who have been biking and camping with us many times, and we had two 13-year-old first timers. The older kids were so sweet to them; they included them in their conversations and their activities throughout the week. The Patch is an all-inclusive place, and it is great to see the kids carry that with them outside of the building,” said Kate Holwerk, volunteer, at The Cabbage Patch. After their arrival in D.C., two tour guides guided the group in their sightseeing of the Capitol. Campers visited the Capitol Building and several memorials including the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, FDR Memorial, and MLK Memorial. “I always like going into town, D.C. is such a cool place to go to and it is a reward for them after all of their hard work,” said, William (Raz) Rasinen, Manager of Recreation and Youth Development In addition, the youth took a trip to the Franciscan Monastery and Bartholdi Park Botanical Gardens, which is a living plant museum that informs visitors about the importance, and often irreplaceable value, of plants to the well-being of humans and to earth’s fragile ecosystems. At the end of the week the campers got the chance to rest by the Potomac River and see glimpse of the White House....

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Sugar and Spice Day Camp sparked campers’ creativity, built confidence and “everything nice”

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Sugar and Spice Day Camp was a week full of fun activities for young girls such as making crafts, getting pampered, shopping, along with “everything nice.” The week kicked off with the girls baking strawberry cupcakes and making bath balms and jewelry boxes. The cupcake jewelry boxes needed to be filled, so throughout the week the girls made necklaces and friendship bracelets.  Later, campers made tutus out of tulle fabric and had a dance party. The week’s activities included taking field trips to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, The Little Loomhouse, the Root Cellar, the Paul Mitchell The School Louisville, 610 Magnolia and Mall St. Matthews. At the Kentucky Art and Craft Museum, campers made necklaces and learned about the museum’s many local and regional artists. The Little Loomhouse gave the children a day of basket weaving and sewing fabric into purses and wallets. Campers also had a health-focused day of yoga and shopping for fresh organic fruit and vegetables at the Root Cellar. They took these fruits and veggies back to the Patch for a tasting. The campers also had their hair, nails and makeup done at the Paul Mitchell and then enjoyed a fine dining experience at 610 Magnolia, courtesy of Edward Lee, where they were served a salad with cherries and goat cheese, chicken with mashed potatoes, and chocolate mousse. “Hands down, the girls’ favorite part of camp were the visits to Paul Mitchell, 610 Magnolia, and shopping day,” said Elizabeth Smith, Recreation & Youth Development Specialist for The Cabbage Patch. Sugar and Spice Day Camp sparked campers’ creativity, built their confidence, and taught them skills that will make their futures brighter than their sparkly nails. Through the annual support of donors, many children are able attend Summer Day Camps at The Cabbage Patch on scholarships, offering them a rare opportunity to step out and explore, learn, all in a safe environment. “It is a real treat for them,” Elizabeth...

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