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Medieval Day Camp Teaches Patchers “Noble Ways”

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Medieval Day camp gave Cabbage Patchers a week of  learning about fencing (safely, with foam “swords”of course), catapulting and “noble ways” including heraldry. This first-year camp, allowed Educational Opportunities to add something new for returning campers. Overall, the camp was focused on teaching art and history. Campers learned about heraldry and what the symbols and colors used in medieval times represented. Then they were able to design their own heraldry based on how they each wanted to be seen. One of the activities during the week included making their own catapults from wood, nails and PVC pipe. Experimenting and trying new things was essential to building a successful  catapult. Children and youth in the Medieval Camp also brought out their culinary skills at the end of the week and cooked for 39 people in Holladay Hall, including their parents, another camp group and each other. The meal they prepared included roasted chicken and root vegetables: food items used in Medieval times. In addition, “medieval mac and cheese” was made for the picky eaters, Mayghin Levine, Manger of Educational Opportunities, said. Since the campers had been talking about sanitation, they decided to call their brownies “mud pies.” The power of “knightly and noble ways” became clear on the first day of camp, when one boy was misbehaving and almost got in a fight. A counselor-in-training pulled him aside to talk about his behavior. “He told him he had to act like a knight, and after that the camper was one of the best behaved kids throughout the rest of the camp,” Mayghin said. That camper was not the only one who walked away with more “knightly ways,”  by the second day of camp many of the campers were encouraging each other, to be more, “knightly” and “act more...

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Cabbage Patch Garden Grows Thanks to Girl Scout Volunteers

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The courtyard at The Cabbage Patch Settlement House was bestowed with beautiful beds of new flowers, thanks to a special project coordinated by 6th and 7th graders from St. Margaret Mary Catholic School & Highlands Latin School who are members of Girl Scout Troop #233. “The Girl Scout Silver Award is earned at the Cadette Level in Girl Scouting,” said Sherri Sprau, GS Troop #233’s leader.  “The girls must follow the award guidelines, as outlined by our local Kentuckiana Council, to complete a community service project. They are encouraged to find out what the needs in their community are and to look for issues that compliment the need with their own areas of interest. Our Girl Scouts met and presented a number of community service project ideas, and after much consideration, decided to build raised garden beds for a local organization.” The Girl Scout Troop chose The Cabbage Patch as the recipient of this project because they wanted the project to benefit children their own age. The project took three days to complete: on the first day, the Girl Scout volunteers built the flowerbeds and filled them with soil; on day two they planted flowers; and on day three they put down weed cloth and more mulch on all three beds. The Cabbage Patch thanks Girl Scout Troop #233 for enhancing the beauty of our courtyard and giving our children, youth, and adults a piece of nature to enjoy! See more photos of this volunteer project on...

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Secret Garden Day Camp: Plant filled baskets, bright scarves and an experience they will never forget

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Summer camps kicked off the week of June 10 at the Patch. The Secret Garden Day Camp for children ages 9-16 unlocked the secret wonder of plants through field trips to Oxmoor Farm (The Food Literacy Project), Suzy’s Clay Studio, Louisville Science Center, Bernheim Forest and the Falls of the Ohio. At Oxmoor Farm, campers picked, planted and then cooked plants including strawberries, kale and beets; then they planted tomatoes and cooked omelets. The food festivities did not end there, campers also baked bread and shook cream until it became butter. Along with food fun and cooking an herbal feast, there were crafts to channel the campers’ creativity. Campers studied the art of Henna, wove baskets out of the reed plant, dyed silk scarves with lac bugs and painted with the yucca and mulberry plants. To finish up the week, campers made plants into herbal lotion, grapefruit lotion bars and cosmetics.  Elizabeth Smith, a Recreation & Youth Development Specialist for The Cabbage Patch, said her favorite part was the end result of all of their hard work, “This camp is very tangible, campers get to see what they accomplished and I love to see how excited they are.” The campers learned about plants as food, as dyes and products, Elizabeth said. Campers walked away from Secret Garden Day Camp with plant filled baskets, bright scarves and an experience they will never forget. See more photos on Facebook. ...

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Patch Parents Treated to a Cooking Challenge

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On June 21,  Patch Parents were treated to new and exciting program-and a challenge-when volunteers from Yum! Brands took over The Cabbage Patch courtyard. With individual tables set up for each family team, Patch Parents were told they had 45 minutes to cook a healthy meal together with ingredients graciously provided by Yum!. “So you mean…we really have….to COOK!?” one little boys astonishment at the task made everyone laugh a little. When the timer was set, each family quickly got to work. All of the ingredients provided represented ingredients families might have at home, and the exercise encouraged families to work as a team while learning more about creating healthy, sustaining meals at home. The end results were impressive…and delicious. See more photos from the program on...

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The Patch Unveils Our “Artists Within”

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Where can you go to see every-day household items like paper plates, egg cartons, and coffee filters transformed into beautiful pieces of art? At The Cabbage Patch of course! On May 10, The Cabbage Patch was pleased to share the hard work of a group of talented young artists during our 2013 Spring Art Show, held in the lobby of the Polly Williams Art Center at The Cabbage Patch. Members of the Art Education program helped Cabbage Patch members create the unique pieces featured in the show. Their range of work included paintings, paper-mache, needlefelting, as well as individual portraits and drawings. Each piece in the show was unique—just like the member who created it. “The most rewarding part of this job is sitting down with a child who says they ‘can’t draw’ and taking the time to work with them individually and show them how much potential they have.” Perhaps the most prominent feature of the show was “Gill”—a giant paper-mache fish that the children worked on together as a group project . “Gill” was the center of an ocean-themed corner, which also included watercolor fish paintings and indigo scarves hand-dyed by Cabbage Patch members using the Japanese Shibori technique. Elizabeth Smith, a Recreation & Youth Development Specialist for The Cabbage Patch, led the young artists in creating each piece that was featured, and said she drew from Pintrest for much of her inspiration for the various projects. “The most rewarding part of this job is sitting down with a child who says they ‘can’t draw’ and taking the time to work with them individually and show them how much potential they have,” said Smith, who previously worked at the Chicago Botanical Garden.  “You don’t have to give them a lot of instruction—just a little bit—and suddenly the child creates something they never thought they could, and they are so excited and proud to display their work.” On the night of the art show, several children who have gone above and beyond in the Art Education program were recognized and given art supplies so they could continue their artistic endeavors. Art Education is one of the many ways The Cabbage Patch seeks to give our members unique opportunities and experiences.  Of course, we want them to be kids and have fun too. When asked why she enjoyed working on the art show, one award recipient (who had proudly taken the member of the staff around to each of her pieces) answered with a big smile, “I just like it.”  ...

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The Patch thanks our dedicated volunteers!

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On Thursday, May 9, Holladay Hall played host to Cabbage Patch volunteers and the staff and Cabbage Patch youth who came to thank them for their dedication to our mission to “profoundly change lives.”

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