Saving Energy, Empowering Families with Project Warm!

Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in Stories from The Patch

It probably comes as no surprise that the parents who bring their children to The Patch are likewise eager to learn. The Family Services Department works with a great parents who have fun while improving their lives!

During October, the Patch Parents meeting focused on winterizing the home with Project Warm. One of Project Warm’s staff members conducted a workshop that illustrated how the parents can keep heat inside and reduce their utility bills. Our group learned how foam rope, plastic, tape and other supplies can seal off drafts. Participants received all the supplies they needed to take charge of their energy conservation!

The majority of our Patch Parents live in older rental properties. Their apartments typically have old windows, minimal insulation, non-energy efficient HVAC systems, tall ceilings and other factors that drive up the heating bills. One parent reported that her summer electricity/gas bill is $160 per month, and her winter electricity/gas bill is $300 per month!

We are thankful for the work that Project Warm does in our community. By promoting energy saving practices, they empower families on fixed incomes to improve their quality of life. Just like The Patch, they specialize in providing practical, long-term solutions to difficult problems while increasing self-reliance and confidence!