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Making History at the 2015 Annual Auction

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When the time came to develop a theme for the 2015 Annual Auction, we looked to the success stories of our alumni for inspiration. Many Cabbage Patch members have made history in their families by becoming the first to go to college, the first to earn a degree…the first to show future generations what is possible. Where can history go from there? The accomplishment of just one person may seem small, but the influence can be enormous! It may inspire the first female President or the first cure for a disease. We make history by driving the message “you can!” home, one child at a time.

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Out of the City and Into Adventure!

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Swoop! Swoop! “What was that?”

Campers who had traveled to The Great Smoky Mountains as part of our Travel Camp had just set out on a night hike when something seemed to be flying overhead. They had left their flashlights at camp in order to better appreciate the natural beauty of the dark woods, so they stood still and waited for the moon to shed a little light on the mystery. Two giant owls glided into view, and the teens excitedly watched their treetop dance.

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Patch Performers Shine with Vault 1031!

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“Let us entertain you!”

The chorus refrain from one of the final numbers of The Cabbage Patch’s Musical Theater Day Camp Talent Share brought cheers from the audience members, who were indeed entertained by performances in dance, stepping, song and more! This year, The Patch was proud to partner with Vault 1031, a local non-profit that is revitalizing the South Broadway, Limerick and Old Louisville neighborhoods by supporting artistic expression.

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Announcing the new Kim Hazelwood Glass Library and Myra Lee Book Nook!

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One of the most inspiring success stories to come out of The Cabbage Patch is that of the late Kim Glass, who was the first Cabbage Patch College Scholar and, later, a Patch Board member. Thanks to her hard work and the opportunities afforded to her because of her active participation in our programs, Kim became an architect and was a driving force behind The Patch’s facility expansion which was completed in 2009. In honor of Kim’s inspirational legacy at The Patch and her daughter Myra Lee’s love of reading, her friends at Virginia Chance School had a vision for the perfect tribute. This vision has become reality in the newly dedicated Kim Hazelwood Glass Library and Myra Lee Book Nook.

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Art Imitates Life

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When is the last time you looked at a favorite piece of art or literature in a new way? The Leadership Development teens were challenged to do just that with a writing exercise that helped them analyze and reinterpret some whimsical poems by creating parodies!

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