The Patch’s New Groove!

Posted by on Dec 14, 2017 in Stories from The Patch

Music is a fun and functional part of education! For instance, music and math are related. If children understand beats and rhythms, they are practicing counting, dividing and recognizing patterns. Music can also introduce children to different cultures or create connections within the world of media and performing arts. The Patch was fortunate to welcome a brass trio from the Louisville Orchestra just a few weeks before Christmas, and their performance was quite a treat for our children!

The children filed into Holladay Hall somewhat reluctantly; it had been a long day at school for many of them, and listening to classical music just didn’t have the appeal of shooting hoops in the gym. However, once everyone was seated, the familiar strains of the Imperial March from Star Wars got everyone’s attention!

The musicians went on to explain the different instruments, even demonstrating the different parts of the instruments so the future engineers among us could see how they worked. Between performances, they explained how many years of practice led them to a career in music. Perseverance is an important value that we teach at The Patch, and it’s fantastic to have such accomplished community members set an example for our young people.

Live performances are essential to The Patch’s programming. When children are in the presence of professionals, they are inspired to give the performing arts a try. We have also found that Patch members who participate in performing arts tend to have good attendance in all programs. This was an amazing experience that was tailor made to connect with the children’s interests, and we are thankful for the Louisville Orchestra members who made it possible!