“This is all for me?” Cabbage Patch Volunteers Create Hope During Christmas!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Stories from The Patch

Susana* rang the doorbell at the Family Services department, having parked her car in front of The Cabbage Patch in anticipation of loading her Christmas basket items. The wind chilled her, and she gladly stepped into the warmth of the room filled with Christmas packages when staff member Doug opened the door.

Susana lives in one of Louisville’s most troubled neighborhoods. The crime and violence are rampant, but the rent is within her budget. The winter months are particularly challenging for her; throughout most of the year, she very carefully stretches her income to meet her expenses, but winter utility bills add another layer of difficulty. If it were not for The Cabbage Patch’s holiday assistance, Christmas gifts would be out of the question for her and her children.

Out of the stacks of brightly wrapped gifts, Doug wheeled a cart filled with gifts for Susana’s family. He headed toward the door to help her load the packages into her car when he realized that Susana had stopped in her tracks.

“This is all for me?” Susana asked. Doug explained that the Patch is blessed to partner with several churches like Second Presbyterian Church, Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church and Saint Francis in the Fields Episcopal. A sponsor family from one of the churches had shopped just for Susana’s family, and all the gifts on the cart were given in the spirit of Christian love. Overwhelmed with emotion, Susana cried happy tears as she envisioned her children’s joy.

Second Presbyterian Church volunteers wrap up Christmas for families in need

Second Presbyterian Church volunteers wrap up Christmas for families in need

Susana’s family is just one of more than 70 families (including over 150 children) helped by The Cabbage Patch supporters during the 2016 Christmas season. In addition to the gifts and food distributed, hard-working parents also received messages of love and support that help them begin the New Year with hope.

*Name changed to protect the privacy of those we serve