Working Together to Create Something Beautiful

Posted by on Apr 17, 2017 in Stories from The Patch

Working together to create beauty – what a wonderful lesson to teach a child! During Spring Break at The Patch, art camp focused on collaborative creativity, with our friends from Baxter’s Corner leading the fun.

Children were presented with just four colors – blue, red, white and yellow – and a color chart with a dazzling array of hues. Working in groups, they experimented to create a rainbow of colors! This was a wonderful exercise in making the most of what you have. From there, they also created their own Cabbage Patch garden painting with their handprints as cabbages, a collaborative art piece celebrating China, shell sculptures and more.

Our Spring Break Art Camp culminated with an exhibition in the Polly Williams Art Center. It included a display of paintings accompanied by art camp participants’ quotes about what they learned. One quote said: “You can’t always match the picture to the drawing in your head!” Maybe not, but children have the freedom to create, they always picture something remarkable.