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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a local, non-profit Christian organization.
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March Mailing 2021

Dear Friend,

The COVID-19 pandemic and the movement for racial justice have a lot of us wondering what’s next,
and how long these issues will go on. 

As for controlling the pandemic, we turn to the experts- scientists and doctors who help us make informed
decisions to keep each other safe. It is the same with the justice movement. We cannot eradicate systemic
barriers to success any more that we can eliminate a disease without seeking guidance from the experts.  

The “experts” for us are the children and families we serve, the people who experience these barriers every day.
One of our guiding covenants is to respond to the changing needs of those we serve, using our mission
as a compass. Whether school is in person or virtual, we will make sure children succeed. When parents fear
eviction, utility shutoffs, or simply can’t put food on the table, we provide groceries and financial assistance.
We work with community partners like the Out of School Time Council to make sure we are part of
community-wide solutions. Finally, when tears of frustration remind us that bravery only goes so far, we
will be there to listen. With you supporting us, we can be flexible and respond to any challenge, even after
one of the most difficult years in recent memory. 

Let’s help our neighbors see the light at the end of the tunnel. When you make a gift of at least $24,
$50 or $100, you help children and families recover from one of the most challenging years of our lifetime.

When we work together, it’s a formula for success!

Rev. Dr. Corey G. Miller, Executive Director

P.S. -— You can make an impact all year with a recurring gift.
Visit cabbagepatch.org/donation-page to set up your monthly giving today!