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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a local, non-profit Christian organization.
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Endowments & Named Funds

Named Fund Heroes

The children of The Patch know that you don’t find your superpowers overnight! It takes time to uncover hidden strengths and build talent. That’s why our named fund heroes are essential to our mission. (Named Funds are an important part of our overall endowment programs and are the gift that keeps on giving for generations to come, while providing The Patch a steady stream of income.) Will you be brave and step up to the challenge? If you would like to learn more about establishing your own named fund, contact Jennifer Scott at 753-4446 or … we would love to include you among our list of heroes.


Full Descriptions of the funds listed below is here in our 2020 Named Funds Brochure


Overall Mission Support Endowment Funds

Crady Family

Caroline Taylor Davis Memorial

Cyrus “Russ” Day

Mary Ann Coleman Duddy Memorial

William G. Duncan, Junior Memorial

Friends of The Patch

Harold Hawkins

J. Tracy Holladay

Louise Marshall Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Sharon Smith and James Mauch Family

Helen Dillon Mazzoli Memorial

Betsy McConnell Memorial

Theodore “Ted” Merhoff Memorial

Meyer Family

John and Lucy Milton Charitable Trust

Thames Castner Palmer-Ball Memorial

John S. Rankin

Joe Burks, Sr. and Lloyd “Pappy” Redman Memorial

Edgar and Doris Ritchie

Jean Olive Smith (Mrs. S. Russell Smith, Sr.)

Diane and Rick Steinrock Family


Recreation/Youth Development Endowment Funds

The Cabbage Patch Circle Arts Endowment

Nancy Jane Cassis

Giesel Family

Elizabeth “Bunch” Sanders Griffin

Kunau Family

Lloyd “Pappy” Redman

Caroline Price Reid

Taylor Family Foundation

Polly Williams

Building Preservation Endowment Funds

Louis O. Giesel, Sr.

Spencer Harper, Jr. Memorial



Educational Opportunities Endowment Funds

Mrs. James (Edith) Breed

Alex J. Burch Memorial

Roosevelt Chin

Clay Family

Joan Cralle Day

Otis H. “Deacon” Ellis

Fields Family Memorial

Marea and William Gardner Foundation

Dorothy Gauss Foundation

Gill Family

Kim Hazelwood Glass

Kim Hazelwood Glass Memorial

Kim and Myra Lee Glass

Wood and Marie Hannah Foundation

Mildred Horn Foundation

John Fenton Kottkamp Memorial

Kurfees-Buchanan Memorial

Lawler Family

W. & Maggie T. Marshall

Moisan Family

Rodney Napier

James Paton, III

Porcini/Farmer Children’s Foundation

Caroline Price Reid

Rotary Clubs of Louisville

Scholtz Family

Dennie Schrecker Memorial

Luke and Sharon Schmidt

Martin Sweets Memorial

Frances Jones and Robert Jordan Theobald

James and Dee Thornton

William E. Whaley, III

Coretta and Stephen Wolford Family


Thanks to all of our Named Fund Heroes. If you would like to learn more about establishing your own named fund, contact Jennifer Scott at 753-4446 or … we would love to include you among our list of heroes.

Perpetual Trusts

John & Lucy Milton Charitable Trust

Established in 1968 by Mr. Milton, a pioneer in the automobile industry and a patent attorney. John Milton was a longtime friend of the Marshall family and member of Second Presbyterian Church.

Louise Marshall Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust

Established in 1978, shortly before the death of Louise Marshall, founder of The Cabbage Patch. Miss Marshall established this trust to benefit her beloved Cabbage Patch and insure it would remain a vital ministry far beyond her lifetime.