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Congratulations, Cabbage Patch Grads: Class of 2024!

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We would like to congratulate all our amazing 2024 Cabbage Patch graduates. We are extremely proud of both our graduating college scholars and high school seniors.

After watching them grow up at The Patch, we now share the joy of watching them establish themselves in the world. As each of them embarks on new journeys ahead, we pray for their continued protection and success.

It’s also our hope that they continue using their skills, along with tools they learned from The Patch, to lift others while pursuing their own success. May they always find ways to give back and strive to create a better world.

There is no doubt that these exceptional young people will continue to do incredible things! We can’t wait to see what they accomplish next. Congratulations, Class of 2024!


College Scholar Program Graduates:

• Star – University of Kentucky, Broadcast Journalism

• Cjonita – Fisk University, Political Science

• Chandi – Riggin Flight School, Pilot’s License

• Aileena – University of Kentucky, Landscape Architecture

• Autumn – Eastern Kentucky University, Social Work


High School Graduates:

• Madyson – Central High School

• Damon – Fairdale High School

• Mya – Ballard High School

• Cainen – Doss High School

• Laiani – J.M. Atherton High School

• Rene – Male High School

• Russell – Butler High School

• Stevie – Central High School


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