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March Mailer

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At The Cabbage Patch, our vision is to empower youth and their families to achieve success and create a better world.

To reach that goal, our work with youth members is built on a philosophy of growth and development. There is a progression: when Patch youth get involved, our staff team can achieve a level of influence and connection with them. The further our members move down this path, the greater the opportunity to reach their God-given potential.

A shining example of this progression is Mariyah*. At the height of the pandemic in the 2020-21 school year, we offered daytime academic care and support. Mariyah was one of our members with whom we noticed extreme academic deficits. That discovery led to our conversation with her father and our ultimate advocacy in working with him to find solutions within the school system. Mariyah received support by qualifying for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at school. That support sparked her desire to achieve, and Mariyah began to make strides.

From a starting point as a young person failing all her classes, with our support Mariyah has continued to turn things around. Since we have known her for several years, our experienced staff created a customized plan in the specific areas where she needed to focus. Mariyah did the work, but we have been with her every step of the way.

And the results this school year have been astounding. Just last month, Mariyah proudly shared her most recent report card, which showed her current 3.4 GPA and selection on the A-B honor roll for the second time! Now that Mariyah recognizes the recipe for success, she is primed for
continued development in high school and what follows.

We are in the business of offering not just one positive experience but repeated opportunities that lead to the fulfillment of dreams. We see a bright future for every Patch youth member and have proven that by building academic skills, personal resilience, soft-skill aptitude, and social-emotional maturity, our youth will achieve post-secondary completion and be prepared for a family-supporting career.

The strength of The Cabbage Patch is that we build deep relationships with youth members. With your partnership, we will continue to bring lasting change to our community, one young person at a time!