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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a local, non-profit Christian organization.
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How to Join

Learn New ThingsThanks to the generosity of our donors, all classes and activities offered through The Cabbage Patch are free to our members (with the exception of our Summer Camping Program and selected field trips). Anyone between the ages of 8 and 16 is welcome.

Membership Application and Enrollment Procedures:

  • Child must be accompanied by a legal guardian, and proof of age must be provided.
  • Parent/legal guardian and child complete a new member application that includes personal data and contact information.
  • Children need to successfully complete the new member orientation program. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to actively participate as well.
  • The parent and child will be given a tour and informed how to enroll in our structured classes. Children are expected to participate in our structured and self-directed programs. Tours are mandatory and must be scheduled ahead of time by calling our Behavior Specialist at (502) 753-4428.
  • Children can begin to participate immediately once the parent is comfortable with our programs and requirements. For younger children, we recommend parents recruit and help enroll their child’s neighborhood/school friends in order to help the child feel more at home and comfortable with their peers around them.
  • Members of The Patch are expected to follow our Behavioral Code and be active participants in both our self-directed and structured programs. Members are also asked to assist staff in programs as needed in set-up and leading groups or other volunteer projects.

If you have questions about the procedures for becoming a member, please call (502) 753-4428.