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A Cup of Fun and a Dash of Learning-The Recipe for Discovery!

For children who are growing up in an urban environment, the natural world is an intriguing place.  Discoveries like earth sciences, nature-based fitness challenges and outdoor exploration offer inspiration that could lead to lifelong passions. We help the members of The Cabbage Patch nurture their sense of adventure with a variety of nature-based programs.

Summer camps are our most extensive programs when it comes to exploring the great outdoors, but we help children make connections with nature even in the colder months of winter. We recently learned about the healing properties of herbs and natural oils while creating our own lotions in The Cabbage Patch kitchen.  The recipe is provided below so you can try the project at home and start a conversation with your children about how plants can enhance our daily lives!

Bergamot and rose lotion

Recipe: Bergamot and Rose Lotion

1 cup coconut oil

2 cups olive oil

1/3 cup beeswax

1 cup rose water

1 cup regular water

15 drops bergamot essential oil

Melt coconut oil and beeswax together in a saucepan over low heat. Once melted, add olive oil and essential oil to the saucepan, remove from heat, and pour into a blender pitcher. Put the pitcher into the freezer so the oil mixture solidifies slightly- not completely hard. Then, remove the pitcher from the freezer, lock it on the blender stand and turn it on high. Slowly pour the rose water and plain water into the blender while it is on and the oils and water will mix to create lotion! Pour into containers and moisturize!