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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a local, non-profit Christian organization.
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A Message on Succession Planning

We have made excellent progress toward identifying the next Executive Director of the Cabbage Patch as Tracy Holladay prepares to retire in 2020! With several interviews already conducted in July, we are ahead of schedule, and feel confident that we will meet our goal of making an offer in the fall.

It’s clear that people know that The Patch is a great organization! We’ve received 150 applications since April, and narrowed the pool down to 30 potential candidates. After our search firm conducted interviews, they selected 5 people for initial interviews with The Cabbage Patch’s search committee. We have several promising candidates, even early in the process, as we are still receiving more resumes every day!

Thank you for supporting The Patch as we approach this new era. If you know of any great candidates for the position, please direct them to HR@ashleyrountree.com.

Bill Meyer
President, The Cabbage Patch Board of Directors