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Beating the Chill with Project Warm!

Do you know how to conserve energy in your home as the weather gets colder? There are simple ways to keep your family warm while reducing your heating bills, and we invited Project Warm to educate families on these methods during a recent Patch Parents meeting.

Simple fixes for a drafty home include:

  • Repairing windows and exterior doors
  • Weather stripping and adjusting exterior doors
  • Applying caulk around windows, baseboards, doorways and cracks
  • Repairing or replacing cracked or broken window glass
  • Filling in hidden air leaks in walls and floors


Patch families participated in a tutorial on sealing windows and door frames with plastic and caulk. A hands-on demonstration helped our Patch Parents to learn how to identify air leaks and choose the appropriate materials for weatherproofing. Parents were thrilled to leave the meeting with free plastic, caulk and foam rope. Armed with these supplies and their newfound expertise in energy conservation, they will keep their families cozy until spring!