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Connecting with Nature

Autumn often inspires people to connect with nature. The leaves are in stunning color and the air is just crisp enough to remind us that winter is coming. At Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, they celebrate the season with Colorfest, a perfect opportunity for a city kid to discover their inner environmentalist. Thanks to the inaugural grant from [give] 502, we were able to take advantage of this adventure!

Bernheim Colorfest 3

We enjoyed a hayride among the blazing colors of the surrounding forest, a perfect learning experience as we discussed deciduous trees.

Bernheim Colorfest

As we handled some newts and salamanders, Bernheim staff members taught us about the creatures that live in the forest, and how they all play a part in the health of the ecosystem, no matter how small they are.
It got us thinking about the parts that we play in the community, and how even the smallest actions can make a positive effect on our friends, family and future.

The next time you feel like you need a boost, get outside the city and visit Bernheim or another regional forest! The environment makes for great inspiration and self-reflection. We give the experience two thumbs up!