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Exploring technology with Samtec!




Community Partner Spotlight: Samtec


Cabbage Patch member Michael* had always wondered how a small phone can do so many different things, and in October he got an amazing opportunity to begin exploring the world of technology. During a Zoom presentation with John Riley with Samtec, he marveled at intricate miniature parts being fabricated by engineers, and learned about touch-screen walls and complex machinery with see-through panels.

John led Michael and his friends on a virtual tour of Samtec’s Southern Indiana facility, while speaking about careers in STEM and engineering. He explained traditional college pathways to technology careers, as well as alternate routes like apprenticeships and certifications. Samtec has been instrumental in building our kids’ curiosity about technology, and they have generously provided our classrooms with teaching tools like robotics kits that set students’ interests in motion. Michael and his friends are excited about technology and are eager to explore how they can help build the future!

Would you like to partner with The Cabbage Patch to create exciting educational opportunities? Contact Mayghin Levine at MLevine@cabbagepatch.org!


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*Name changed to protect the privacy of those we serve