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Finals Week for The Cabbage Patch Scholars!

Each year, approximately 20 Cabbage Patch educational participants qualify for the The College Scholars Program, which provides higher education funding for motivated students. It’s always so inspirational to see someone who has grown up with The Patch go on to pursue their career with the confidence that their time here has prepared them to be the best of the best.

These scholarships help bridge the financial gap often created after student loans and grants have been applied toward college tuition, fees, and expenses. Personal attention and support are provided to each Cabbage Patch College Scholar throughout their college career, greatly increasing their likelihood of graduation. Just recently, one of our dedicated Board members and our Manager of Educational Opportunities visited some of our scholars at the University of Kentucky. This individualized attention reminds students that they have a support system, and that we expect excellence.

Girl Scout Troop 1312 Photo courtesy of Megan Hile Photography

Girl Scout Troop 1312
Photo courtesy of Megan Hile Photography

As finals loom, we are so grateful to Girl Scout Troop 1312, who once again this year put together care packages to sustain our scholars as they hit the books and burn the midnight oil. These packages include college life staples like snacks, school supplies and gift cards, but the most valuable inclusions are the personalized notes of encouragement from the girls. With a few simple words, they remind the students that we are all counting on them to be tomorrow’s leaders!