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ACT Prep

According to “Marcus”, a high school junior and regular participant at The Cabbage Patch:

 “Taking the ACT is hectic! I’ve been working hard to study. I’ve taken the ACT once before, so I really want to improve my score.”

On Saturday, December 8, 2012, Marcus joined 17 other members from The Cabbage Patch in taking the ACT at area colleges. Four of them are took the ACT with hopes of achieving college admission, and 7 are taking it for the first time. Taking the ACT can be a big step for many members of The Cabbage Patch—helping them determine whether or not they will pursue a higher education.

“We encourage every high schooler to take the ACT, and take it as often as they can,” Mayghin Levine, Manager of Educational Opportunities, explained. “Test scores often improve 3 to 4 points each time you take it, so the more often, the better!”

Educational Opportunities is one of several programs at The Cabbage Patch that help our members and their families maximize their economic, educational, emotional, moral, physical, social and spiritual potential.

Learn how you can support children of The Cabbage Patch just like Marcus here.