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I Spy Learning Opportunities!

One morning at The Cabbage Patch, the children of Spy Camp infiltrated the administrative offices. They had some questions for Emma Gonna Planitall, a secret agent who specializes in event planning.

“What is your shoe size?” asked one camper as he peered at his agent dossier. He and his fellow spies were trying to find the double agent in our midst who had stolen their spy graduate certificates. Without them, they could not go on to advanced training! They were intrigued by a footprint they had found outside…

Spy Camp is one of many programs at The Cabbage Patch that disguises educational opportunities as fun and games! Campers developed their logic skills and built reading and letter recognition by finding patterns in daily coded messages. They did role-playing with staff members to solve the double agent investigation. Every day they worked to improve themselves in three areas:

Mind: Searching for clues and solving mysteries gave their brains a workout!

Heart: Being brave and trying new things while saving their fellow spies from “peril” promoted compassion and a sense of adventure.

Body: Games like the “laser maze” obstacle course constructed of strings got the kids moving!

It was exciting to see our young spies in action, and we are thankful for the support of donors who make summer camp accessible to all children, regardless of their families’ income!