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Performing Arts Build Confidence

Girl greenThis summer, parents and friends were amazed when tiny little Anna walked into the middle of the stage and clearly and confidently said her lines in front of a packed audience of parents, siblings, and friends from The Cabbage Patch.

“She is usually so shy!” her mother said.

Now, Anna is 10 years old and blossoming into a good little actress in the Performing Arts Program at The Patch. This summer, she played a lead role in several performances made possible through our summer camp program. The audience loves her, and when she is standing on stage, she is truly radiant.

PrintThe Performing Arts Program teaches The Patch children and youth all about the various aspects of theater, including lighting, set & costume design, and, of course, acting! This summer, campers worked toward a final Friday performance that included renditions of the Three Little Pigs and The Little Mermaid.

“I like that plays at The Cabbage Patch allow you to act in front of people you know,” Anna said. “I’ve learned that if you stay confidence and focused, you can get a lot accomplished!”

We agree!

Thanks to partnerships with local organizations like ArtsReach and Fund for the Arts, in addition to support from donors like you, The Cabbage Patch is able to provide performing arts programs and camps to children and youth throughout the year.