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Role Models for Success – The College Scholars

With many of The Patch’s College Scholars home for the holidays, December is the perfect time to celebrate their successes and connect them with future Scholars! Manager of Educational Opportunities Mayghin Levine organized a festive holiday party that included a chance for the Scholars to share lessons from the college experience with members of The Patch’s Teen Club. More than 30 scholars, teens and friends enjoyed the event.

Scholars 1

Teen Club is an organization that prepares young people for success through life skills training, education and fellowship. Because members are part of a peer group that celebrates ambition, they find themselves immersed in a college-focused environment. For Teen Club members, higher education is not just an option, it’s the goal.

Scholars 3

At the College Scholars party, the Teen Club members were inspired by role models like Abdi, who is in his first year of college, and Jamayle, who recently earned his master’s degree. The Scholars offered many words of wisdom, but advice centered around staying focused, supporting each other and being open to trying new things.

Scholars 4

Junis, a Cabbage Patch Board member who is an associate at a Frost Brown Todd LLC Attorneys and is very active in supporting the College Scholars, brought a special delivery to the party-university sweatshirts for each of the College Scholars courtesy of his law firm! The Scholars were very excited to show off their school spirit.

Scholars 2

Can you remember the best piece of advice you received when you were headed to college?