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Washington D.C. Bike Travel Camp taught youth about history, nature and bike riding

The Washington D.C. Bike Travel Camp gave youth at The Patch a chance to experience history, nature and bike riding, and—like all of the Cabbage Patch summer camps—provided an opportunity to build relationships and skills that will help them outside of The Patch.

During the week of July 29, campers ages 13-19, took their cycling talent to the trails and rode 100+ miles on the Great Allegany Pass and the C&O Canal Tow Path from Maryland to D.C. The week kicked off at the Mason-Dixon Line with bike riding, climbing a rock wall, and shooting some hoops. While staying at campgrounds throughout the week, youth became accustomed with nature seeing butterflies, frogs and turtles.

“On the bike trip, we had a group of teens who have been biking and camping with us many times, and we had two 13-year-old first timers. The older kids were so sweet to them; they included them in their conversations and their activities throughout the week. The Patch is an all-inclusive place, and it is great to see the kids carry that with them outside of the building,” said Kate Holwerk, volunteer, at The Cabbage Patch.

After their arrival in D.C., two tour guides guided the group in their sightseeing of the Capitol. Campers visited the Capitol Building and several memorials including the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, WWII Memorial, FDR Memorial, and MLK Memorial.

“I always like going into town, D.C. is such a cool place to go to and it is a reward for them after all of their hard work,” said, William (Raz) Rasinen, Manager of Recreation and Youth Development

In addition, the youth took a trip to the Franciscan Monastery and Bartholdi Park Botanical Gardens, which is a living plant museum that informs visitors about the importance, and often irreplaceable value, of plants to the well-being of humans and to earth’s fragile ecosystems.

At the end of the week the campers got the chance to rest by the Potomac River and see glimpse of the White House.