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What Makes The Patch’s College Scholars Program Different?

Do you know what makes The Cabbage Patch College Scholars program different from other scholarship programs?

Let’s talk about what goes into getting an at-risk child ready for college. There is the financial barrier, which is what usually comes to mind. But for many young people served by The Cabbage Patch, there are other obstacles to address.

Some young people are encouraged by their families to go straight into the workforce after high school and are led to believe they would not succeed in college. They let their grades go, believing that they don’t matter.

Other children are unprepared to present themselves in an academic situation. A weak handshake and a lack of confidence create a disconnect between them and the college culture.

As they get older, some youths find themselves ill-equipped to handle their new-found independence. Poor time management skills and lack of money management skills put them in a precarious situation.

It’s not enough to simply give at-risk youth the money they need for college. What makes The Cabbage Patch College Scholars program different is that we recognize that a scholarship is only part of the equation.

Because The Cabbage Patch is different, our scholars are different. They are focused on breaking the cycle of poverty through education. When they need help, they know that The Cabbage Patch is still there for support. When they get help, they know how to maximize it, whether it is monetary, academic or emotional.

UK visit with scholars

Recently, our Manager of Educational Opportunities Mayghin took a group of future College Scholars to visit some of our current College Scholars at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. She was joined by one of our Board members who has become a role model for these students. Together, they toured the campus and took in a game. The future Scholars were able to see what is in store for them and understand that college is within reach, and the current UK students felt supported by their Patch family. We love how each generation of College Scholars provides inspiration for the next!