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Young Chefs Camp Satisfies Appetites for Learning!

When we cook together, we learn to work as a team. When we eat together, we share and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Few things bring people together quite like food, and that is why Young Chefs Camp is one of our most popular summer day camps!

The concept that is central to Young Chefs Camp is food literacy. Simply put, food literacy is understanding the impact of your food choices on your health, the environment and our economy. Because many of the children we serve live in inner city areas where fast food and convenience stores outnumber grocery stores, it is an important lesson for them to learn, and we present the concept in a fun, accessible way.

Blog 1

Making tacos on the Kentucky Taco Company food truck

During young Chefs Camp, we visited Oxmoor Farm, home of The Food Literacy Project, to see how fresh ingredients are grown. Later in the week, we visited Harvest Restaurant, where chef Patrick Roney showed children a map of the farms that supply the restaurant with produce. He described the farmers pulling up to kitchen with trucks full of fruits and vegetables, ready for the ever-changing menu.

Blog 2

Kitchen tour at Harvest Restaurant

The camp also allowed children to sample new flavors they might not have otherwise tried. Our friends at Crane House conducted a sushi lesson, and Kentucky Taco Company brought their taco truck to The Patch and allowed children to make their own tacos.

One of the final field trips of Young Chefs Camp brought an unexpected lesson in the economic aspect of food literacy. At The Bristol Bar and Grille, a camper asked why the restaurant has more than one location. Managing partner Scott Harper explained that multiple restaurant locations can provide jobs and income for greater numbers of people than one restaurant could. We are thankful to have The Bristol Bar and Grille as a part of our local economy!

Blog 3

Sampling the Green Chili Wontons at The Bristol Bar and Grille

Until Young Chefs Camp meets again, many Cabbage Patch members will continue their delicious education at The Patch through our Seed to Table program, which includes hands-on gardening and cooking opportunities. We are grateful for the volunteers and community partners who enrich such programs!