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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a local, non-profit Christian organization.
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Board Members & Staff

2019 Board of Directors

Rev. J. Tracy Holladay, M. Div. – Executive Director



William G. Meyer, III

President Elect

Mike Fallot


Sally Harper


Liz Haas

Anita Barbee, Ph.D.
Kelly Burke
Jim Carneal
Robert G. Christian
Robert L. Crady, III
Julia Bright Crigler
Alex D. Croft
David D. Dorsey
Michael P. Drake
Michael Duke
Greg Ehrhard
Charlie Farnsley
Angela Stallings Hagan
David Hall
Miles Harrison
Patrick A. Hayden
Brian Howell
Emily Lawrence
Mark Pfeifer, M.D.
Allison Pitman
Janet Raderer
Robert W. Reuther
Jessica Rives
Frances M. Scholtz
Susan Staples
Fiona Starks
John Stokes
Steve Stowers
Philip Tamplin
Karen Thomas
Chris Whelan
Steven R. Wilson
Stephen Wolford

Board Members Emeriti

Lea Fischbach
David Y. Wood

Program Staff

Mayghin Levine, M.A.T. – Director of Programs
Brandi Giles, M.A.T. – Manager, Educational Opportunities
Ryan Lovelace, M.S.R. – Manager, Recreation and Youth Development
Rev. Calvin Holloway, D. Min. – Manager, Counseling and Family Development

Development & Support

Jennifer Scott, M.A. – Director, Development, Marketing and Support Services
Morgan McLaughlin, M.P.A. – Senior Annual Fund Manager
Eli Levine, M.S. – Executive Assistant
Jesse Hendrix-Inman – Public Relations and Grants Manager
David Reilly – Director, Finance and Facilities