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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a local, non-profit Christian organization.
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Meet Hailey

Your support of The Cabbage Patch helps 13 year old Hailey pursue her newfound purpose. Like many teenagers, Hailey’s world once revolved around the latest trends and the influence of her peers. She wants you to hear about the “aha!” moment that changed all that for good.

One Saturday, Hailey joined several other Patch teens on a field trip to Locust Grove’s annual Revolutionary War reenactment. She and her friends were skeptical at first; they could have been at home watching TV rather than looking at dusty old antiques!

As Hailey explored the 18th century scene, however, she began to ask about the costumes, and why some characters had better outfits than others. She learned about social inequality and how such issues span generations. She began to understand that she is part of The Patch’s 105-year legacy of profoundly shaping lives and building strong communities. Hailey’s ambition flourished that day. She might become a teacher, an advocate or even President, but one thing is for sure: Hailey is poised to make history!

Hailey auction child

Hailey is just one of 1,000-1,200 children, youth and adults who are poised to “Make History” each year through the programs and services offered at The Patch. Won’t you be part of our legacy of profoundly changing lives?

When your company or organization Sponsors the Annual Cabbage Patch Champions Event:

• Children and youth like Hailey benefit from programs that create lifelong learners, helping them break away from a cycle of poverty.

• You benefit from the opportunity to connect with an audience of high-income, influential decision makers, entertain clients and friends, and show its support for a highly respected, local nonprofit organization that has profoundly changed lives for more than 100 years.

Contact Laura Goodman for more information: 502-753-4427

*Name changed to protect the privacy of those we serve. Photo is for illustrative purposes only.