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Heroes List

Superheroes have a variety of talents, but the heroes of The Patch all have one all have one thing in common: the superpower of love. Love is a powerful means for change, and it profoundly changes lives at The Patch! Here is a list of our heroes at The Patch, they are the Individuals, Businesses, Churches, Foundations and Social Service Organizations who have supported The Patch in 2020.

These are the Individuals who have supported The Patch in 2020.
Jan Adams
Tracy and Chuck Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Adams
DJ Ahearn
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Albright
Estate of Mrs. Frances N. Alden
William Alden
Mrs. Mary Alexander
Annita Allen
Mrs. Clementine W. Allen
Mrs. Lois C. Allen
Ms. Rebecca Allen
Anne and Bob Allison
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Amsler
Melissa and John Andris
Mrs. Cambrelle Anthony
Mrs. Emory O. Apple
Constance Archer
Jimmy and Jennifer Arrington
Iris K. Arnold
Ms. Laura Arradondo
Dr. and Mrs. Joe F. Arterberry
Mrs. Nancy Artz
Eddie and Jennifer Asbury
Rick and Amy Ashton
Mr. Morgan Atkinson
Mr. Pete Atzinger
Tom and Lisa Austin
Dot Avare
Bob and Judy Ayotte
Mr. Michael Ayvazian
John and Cheeky Bahe
Dr. Barbara Bailey
Ms. Sandra D. Bailey
Mary Ellen Baker
Gerin S. Ballard
Lee and Vic Baltzell
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Bannon
Eunice L. Barbour
Mr. Dick Barnett
Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Barr
Leah Barrett & Family
Ms. Katy Barrott
Ms. Mary Jane Bartram
Mr. Donald Bashem
Wallace B. Bateman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Bauernfeind
Stanley and Ellen Bayersdorfer
Mary Jane Beale
Mrs. John G. Beam, Jr.
Mr. Kevin Beam
Amy and Phillip Beaman
Jim and Mary Beth Beard
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Beard
Beargrass Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell K. Beckley
Bob and Kathy Belcher
Margaret and James Bell
Tom & Deb Belviy
Ms. Sharon Benim
Neil Benner
Linna Benninger
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Benson
Ms. Ann Wiley Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beyerle
Giampaolo and Kyle Bianconcini
Mr. Warren Bidmead
Estate of Robert M. Biggs
Mrs. Edith S. Bingham
Ms. Myrtle Bingham
Mr. and Mrs. C. Barret Birnsteel
Mr. Rex Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bizzell
Jeanne and Don Blackburn
Mrs. Anne Blackford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Blankenbaker
Randy and Kathy Bloch
Judith Bobo
Mr. Gary F. Bockhorst, Sr.
Mary Beth Boehnlein
Mr. Bill Boland
Mr. James Boland
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Boland
Cornelia W. Bonnie
Ms. Linda J. Book
William Fred Booker
Ms. Laura Lee S. Boone
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Boram
Elaine Bornstein
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edwin Bornstein
Ms. Ann Y. Botula
Dr. and Mrs. Roy Bowling
Mrs. Kimberle Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Boyd, Jr.
Ms. Rose Brandl
Ms. Maureen Brekka
Mrs. Cecil N. Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Brewer
Ms. Tanya Briley
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bringardner
Mr. and Mrs. Durwood Brittle
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Britton
Margaret Bromley
Mr. and Mrs. George Brooks
Bill and Mickey Brown
Mr. Dave Brown
Betty Dabney Brown
Ms. Ginny Brown
Mr. and Mrs. H. Hewett Brown
Louise Brown
Meredith Wilson Brown
Prentice Brown and Joan Muir
Ms. Rhonda Brown
Mrs. Thomas W. Brown
Carolyn Siler Browning
Joe and Sherry Browning
Warren Buckler
Mrs. Marti Buechlein
Mrs. Emily Buechler
Margaret A. Buisson
Mrs. Molly H. Myles Bundy
Joe and Janet Burch
Mrs. Laura Hrouda-Burch and Mr. Jan Hrouda
Michael and Melissa Burch
Regina Burch
Ann Burge
William Kelly and Joni Burke
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Burks, Jr.
Mrs. Joseph C. Burks, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Burns, III
Mr. Chris Burt
Mr. and Mrs. John Bush
Mrs. Marisa Michelle Butler
Jeff and Lisa Byal
Carole Byrd
Ms. Gabriel Byrne
Lynn and David Callif
Mr. Ernst Camentz
Mr. William H. Camp, Jr.
Mr. H. Alexander Campbell
Chris and Heather Campbell
Mr. Mark Campisano and Ms. Lindsey Miller
Maureen S. Capalbo
Jim and Penney Carneal
Scott Carothers
Mrs. Linda Carter
Tom and Debbie Carter
Mr. Mike A. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph D. Case, III
J. Larry Cashen and Susan B. Turner
Mr. Joseph Cashen
Ms. Gerri A. Cassidy
Nancy Jane Cassis
Tristina Tahiti Castillo
Charles B. Castner, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Henry W. Castner
Ms. Amy Caswell
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Cecil
Ms. Anne Chalmers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Chandler, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Chatel
Mrs. Karan Chavis
Tom and Greta Chessler
Rob and Carole Christian
Mary Beth and Charlie Clark
Mr. Howard A. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. C. Clay
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Clinton
Mr. David Cloud
Andrew and Harriet Clubb
Frances G. Coady
Ann Cobb
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cobb
Mr. Matthew Cobb
Mr. Travis L. Cochran
Bruce E. Cohen
Mr. William R. Cole, III
Maria Collis
Mrs. Sandra Colombo
Bob and Terri Connolly
Ms. Dorothy A. Converse
Chenault M. Conway
Dr. and Mrs. Peter M. Conway
Mrs. Lindsay Cook
Mr. Philip Cooksey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Coomes
Mr. Alex Cooper
Ginny Copenhefer
Mr. Matthew Corbett
Mr. Alfonso Cornish
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Coulter, Jr.
Dr. Thomas A. Courtenay
Joseph Crabtree
Rob and Holly Crady
Ms. Tonja Craig and Mr. Jeff Call
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Crain, Jr.
Ms. Sally Creason
Louise and Bill Creason
Ms. Martha Creek
Margaret S. Cregor
Robert and Sally Cregor
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Crockett, III
Alex and Cullen Croft
Mr. and Mrs. David Croft
Mr. Jason Cross
Mary M. Cubine
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cullinan
Margaret “Peggy” Cunningham
Drs. Michael and Anita Barbee Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Curley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Czerwonka
Linda Dabney
Cathy and Jim Dahlem
Mr. and Mrs. Roger M. Dalton
Gary and Betsey Daniel
Pat Daniels
Karl Daubert Fund
Mr. Brett Dauer and Dr. Renee’ Dauer
Juliet Davenport
Ms. JoAnn Davidson
Bill Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Davis
Dr. Carol Davis
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Davis, III
Julie and Fred Davis
Katherine M. Davis
Ms. Kathleen A. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Deaver
Robert and Ann Decker
Wendy and Mark Delozier
Ms. Janet DeMasters
Mr. Thomas Dempsey
Paul and Cissy Dendy
Mrs. Melissa DePlanche
Ms. Marie Dering
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley deVoogd
Dr. and Mrs. Bob DeWeese
Ms. Allison Diaz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Dickman
Carolyn Diener
Ms. Sandy Dillon
L. Anne H. Dishman
Chad and Katie Dobbins
Mark and Jenny Dobbins
Alice Virginia Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. Dale W. Dodrill
Mr. William Donaldson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Donan
Mr. Joe Doren
Marcia Dorman
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Dorsey
Mr. Earl A. Dorsey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dougherty
Sherry and Joe Doughtery & Family
Mark and Ann Downer
Carrie and Avah Downing
Doris Downs
The Draa Family
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Drake
Mr. Bert L. Draper
Mr. Doug Draper
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dreher, III
Peggy Duane
Ann and John Duerr
Michael and Christine Duke
Mrs. Frances W. Dumbaugh
Mrs. Shirley R. Dumesnil
Elaine and Tony Duncan
Mr. Parker W. Duncan
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Duncan, III
Deborah White-Dunlap
Gillian Dunn
Mr. David Dunn
Robert and Cynthia Durham
Carolyn and Douglas Dutton
Evelyn Glover
The Ealom’s
Mr. Brian Easley
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Eason
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Edinger, III
Greg Ehrhard
Mrs. Anne Ehrman
Mrs. Dawn Eichenberger
Ms. Christine C. Ellis
Leslie Ellis
Joe and Joyce Emberton
Ms. Rachel Emonz
Kristin Troyer Ems
Mark Eriks and Lisa Stewart Eriks
Ms. Ruth E. Mattingly
Mark Evans
Allie Ewing
Anne Ewing
Mr.Charles Ezell
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fackler
Ms. Janet Falcone
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fallot, Jr.
Mike and Buff Fallot
Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Fallot
Ron Falls
Mr. Mark Farmer
Mrs. Martha Farmer
Charlie and Mindy Farnsley
Ms. Sharon Farson
Ms. Dana Faulkner
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke E. Fenimore
Ms. Laura Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Ferguson
Ms. Katie Ferreira
Mrs. Keltie E. Ferris
Ms. Julia L. Fields
Lea Fischbach
Mr. Will Fischbach and Dr. Elizabeth Czerwonky-Fischbach
Roberta M. Fischer
Ms. Amanda Fiskell
Mrs. Nancy D. Fitch
Ann and Ken Fleming
Drs. Jim and Mary Fleming
Margaret C. Flowers
Pamela Folden
Mr. and Mrs. John Foley
Betsy Foshee
Kathy and Chris Foster
Jean Frazier
Sandra Frazier
Ms. Virginia Frazier
Tish Fredericks
Don French
Mr. and Mrs. Mark French
Cynthia & Tom Frentz
Mr. Ted R. Frith
Mrs. Kirsten Fuller
Peter and Sarah Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Furtkamp
Ms. Catherine R. Fussenegger
Ms. Melissa Gaddie
Ed and Debbie Galloway
Ed Garber and Sharon Lamb
Louise Farnsley Gardner
Mr. Lee K. Garlove and Dr. Amy Garlove
Dr. and Mrs. Matt Garlove
Mitch and Linda Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Garrett
Ms. Jennifer C. Garst
Joan and LaMar Gaston
Joe and Holly Gathright
David and Karen Gatti
Ms. Kaelyn Gault
Marilyn and Michael Gauss
Ms. Yvette Gentry
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie George
Melissa and Rudy Gernert
Dr. Ann E. Giesel and Mr. Malcolm Jollie
Mr. David Giesel
James and Grace Giesel
Ms. Margaret Giesel
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Giordan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gipe
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Glass
Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Glass
Ms. Bethany Goetzinger
Michelle and Lester Goetzinger
Janice and Dave Goff
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Goldstein
Ms. Julie Good
Mr. Bill Goodan
Sam Gootee
Mrs. Suzanne Gordon
Christopher Gowin
Robert J. and Barbara D. Graas
Mr. Clark Graebner, Jr.
Eli Graff
Mr. and Mrs. Sloane Graff, III
Howard and Nancy Graves
Jim and Tonya Gravitt
Mrs. Betty Gray
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Gray
Mrs. John B. Gray
Ralph Green and Shellie Branson
Mr. Emmanuel Greene
Robert L. (Bob) Greene
Eleanor Griffin
Mr. Andrew Griggs
Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone Grinstead
Ms. Jane Gross
Kevin and Nancy Grove
Susan and Bill Grubbs
Sandal H. (Sandy) Gulick
Jon and Kathy Gundersen
Mrs. Lynane Gunn
Al Gustafson
Caroline Guthrie
Liz and Rick Haas
Ms. Elizabeth Haendiges
Mr. Mike Haering
Ms. Joan J. Hafner
Angela and Ken Hagan
Mrs. Luiza Hagan
Ms. Judy Halbrooks
Karen and Roger Hale
Ms. Amanda Hall
Chet and Mary Lynn Hall
David and Valerie Hall
Ms. Julia K. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Culver V. Halliday
Mr. Malcolm Halliday
Kim Hamilton Trust
June Hampe
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hampton
Lee and Jack Hancock
Virginia D. Hancock
Mrs. William W. Hancock, Jr.
Mrs. Julie Haner
Deacon Scott and Joann Haner
Nancy D. Haney
Mrs. Donald Harbst
Mr. Al Harcourt
Owen and Eleanor Hardy
Ms. Patricia Harkess
Jean Harkin
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Harlan
Doug and Barbara Harper
Michael and Sally Harper
Ms. Virginia Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Harrison
Miles Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Harryman
Mrs. Lynn Hartman
Jim and Rose Hawkins
Patrick Hayden
Mr. John Hayes
Elizabeth Haynes
Mrs. Karen L. Hazelwood
Reverend Rebecca Heid
Linda V. Heleringer
Mrs. Diana Hendrix
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hendrix
Mrs. Jesse Hendrix-Inman
Charles and Sherry Henry
Dan and Marilyn Henry
Jean Henry and Tyler Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Hensler
Mr. Clarance E. Henson and Dr. Gail R. Henson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Herde
Ms. Meredith Hernandez
Suzanna and Michael Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Herren
Lawrence Herring, Jr.
Ms. Linda Hester
Thomas and Judy Hettmansperger
Mr. Henry V. Heuser, Jr.
Susan Hewitt
Ms. Michelle A. Higdon
Mr. John Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Highbaugh
Mrs. Susan Hiken
Mr. James L. Hill
Mr. John Hill and Dr. Pamela Hill
Ms. Emily Hillsman
Deanna Hipwell
Mrs. Ashley Hitt
Peggy Hoben
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Hodge
Ms. Kristina Hoerter
George and Dee Hoge
Andrew and Julie Holladay
Col. Cecil A. Holladay and Dr. Linda W. Holladay
Rev. and Mrs. J. Tracy Holladay
Mr. Timothy Holloway
Ginny and Homer Holt
Doris Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Hoopes
Margaret Horlander
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Horton
Lisa and Brian Houghlin
Ms. Kate Hovious
Mr. John E. Howerton
Phyllis Howerton
Dr. and Mrs. John Hubbard
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Huber
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hubrich
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Hudson
Phillip and Joan Huff
Ms. Delores Huffman
Miss Hollie D. Huston
Mrs. Lani Hutto
Mrs. Janet Hymer
Ms. Bria Isaacson
Kevin and Mary Jackson
Harry and Sherry Jacobson-Beyer
Mrs. Patricia B. Jaegers
Roxanne James
Connie Jaquith
Alba B. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Jensen
Kristin Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jessee
John Hunter
Judy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Johnson
Brenda J. Johnston
Harvey Johnston
Ms. Antoinette S. Davis Jones
David A. Jones, Jr. and Mary G. Wheeler
Helen Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Jones
Tom Jones
Mr. and Mrs. W. Richard Jones
Ms. Shannon Kaelin
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass Kalika
Joyce E. Kalika
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Kaminski
Dr. Kyung A. Kang
Barbara and Allen Kannapell
Clay and Crystal Kannapell
Danielle B. Kannapell
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kays
Ms. Kathleen Keegan
Mrs. Catherine C. Keeley
Mr. Daniel Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Kelly, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kelly, Jr.
John and Karen Kessler
Elizabeth and John Kestler
Ms. Aruna Keswani
Ms. Cammie King
Ms. Katherine S. King
Mrs. Wallace M. King
Mrs. Peggy M. Kinsell
Rebecca Kissel
Ms. Niki Kleier-Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Klein
Ms. Kathy Knotts
Mrs. Laura M. Koby
David and Lynne Koch
John and Leigh Ann Koch
Robert M. Koehler and Joan H. Mayhugh
Mr. Ryan Koehneke
Mary Kolbrook
Susan Wells Krause
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Krazeise Jr.
Ms. Amanda Kremer
Ms. Kendra Kremer
Ms. Laura Krueger
Ms. Sarah Kruer
Ms. Jennifer Kuerzi
Forrest and Mary Julia Kuhn
James G. Kuhns
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Kunau, Jr.
Mrs. James F. Kurfees
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kute
Susan and Steve Kute
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lamberton
Bob and Martha Lamkin
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Landenwich
Judy Landis
Mr. Todd Lanham
Mrs. Margaret G. Lanier
Mr. Daniel Lapace
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latter
Ms. Susan G. Lawler
Ms. Carrie Lawless
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon L. Lawrence
Mrs. Emily L. Lawrence
James Lawrence and Kathleen Bailey
Sammi Lawson & Family
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Leavell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lechleiter
Nancy W. Lee
Larry and Sue LeGrand
Ms. Carrie Leibering
Ms. Kim Leis
Mr. Bart Leist
Ms. Caroline Lesousky
Stephanie Letson
Samuel and Eleanor Leuenberger
Eli and Mayghin Levine
Mrs. Anne A. Lewis
Ms. Frankie Lewis
Mr. Ned Lewis and Mrs. Carroll Boylan-Lewis
Anna Laura Licon and Chris Puig
Lou Lindsey
Joseph W. and Lucille A. Little
Mr. and Mrs. Warner Long
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter G. Louis
Ms. Jessica Loving
Ms. Linette Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Lowry, Jr.
Rose Lowry
Charles and Rosemary Luckett
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Luvin
Becky and Todd Lyles
Ms. Anne H. Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Alan K. MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Makela
Mr. Darryl Manias
Sidney and Greta Marcum
Tanya and Jim Marquardt
Charles and Jennifer Marsh
Ellen K. Marshall
Mr. Khambrel Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas L. Marshall
Mrs. Nooriya Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip H. Marshall, Jr.
Bob and Elizabeth Martin
Cathy and Tim Martin
Elmo and Martha Martin
Ms. Mary Martin
Ms. Evelyn Masters
Mr. Dale L. Mattingly
Phil and Paula Mattingly
Mr. James Mauch and Ms. Sharon Smith
Ms. Karen Mauch
The Honorable Romano L. Mazzoli
Linda and James McArthur
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew McClellan
Mrs. Jennifer McClinton
Bettye M. McClure
Charles (Mac) and Tori Murden McClure
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McConnell
Mr. Terrence L. McCoy and Dr. Martha McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. William F. McCreary, Jr.
Mr. Paul McDonough
C. David McFarland
Ms. Mary McFarland
Nancy McFarland
Mr. Woodson W. McGraw Jr.
Mr. James McKenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Andy McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Means
Mrs. Mary T. Means
Ms. Michelle Meiman
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas B. Melhuish
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Menefee
Mr. James Metzger, Jr.
Bill and Becky Meyer
Dottie Meyer
Mrs. Karen Buchanan Meyer
Mr. William G. Meyer, IV
Mrs. Sarah L. Middleton
Elizabeth and Corey Miller
Ms. Kelley Miller
Rebecca Miller
Betty Jane Mills
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas W. Mills
Mr. Anthony F. Mingus
Mr. Steven W. Minor
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Mitchell
Dr. Shelley Moats
Mr. James D. Monin, III
Mrs. Jena Allison Monsma
Joy Monsma
Chip and Bets Montgomery
Anne H. T. Moore
Mrs. Barbara R. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Moore, III
Maddox Moore
Mr. Chris Morris
Ms. Karen Morris
Mr. Paul Morris
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Morrow
Carolyn McCafferty Moses
Jack Moss, Jr.
Ms. Janet Mosteller
Mr. and Mrs. C. Merrill Moter, III
Marilyn Motsch
Dan Moyers and Sarah Smith
Dr. Sean Muldoon
Duane & Anne Murner
Carrie and Bruce Murphy
Marty Burke Murphy
Ms. Rita Muy
Mr. and Mrs. John David Myles
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Nash
Mr. Steve Nassau
Mr. Casey Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Nelson
Mrs. Kelli B. Nelson
Ms. Regina Nethery
Betty A. Nett
Ms. Kourtney K. Nett
Mr. Greg Newbern
Dr. Nancy J. Newman and Dr. George Boatwright
Phillip B. Newman, III
Ms. Diane Nguyen
Lisa and Brandt Niehaus
Mrs. Jo Ann Nisbet
Mr. Grady Nutt
Mr. and Mrs. Toby Nutt
Ms. Cathy Nyberg
Frances O’Connor
Ms. Katherine Ogle
Meleesa S. Oldham
Mrs. Patricia Olthuis
Mr. and Mrs. Del O’Roark
Nancy Dudley Ostertag
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Overpeck
Mr. and Mrs. Lyndall W. Overstreet
Elizabeth and Doug Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Owen, III
Kathy and Kent Oyler
Suzanne Padgett
Mrs. Helen Palmer-Ball
Ida Palmer-Ball
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicholas Papadea
Dr. Nicholas Papadea
Tom and Jeannette Pardue
Pastor Sunkyoo Park
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Parobek, Jr.
Leigh and Ken Parrot
Ms. Maria G. Partlow
Isiah Pasley, Jr. and Patricia Pasley
Mrs. Patrice E. Paton
Mr. Bob Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Pauw
Ms. Maggie Peak
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Peak
David and Penny Pearson
Mr. Michael Peery and Ms. Carolyn Day
Mrs. Charles (Jerry) Pence
Ms. Sallye Pence
Mr. Edwin Perry
Mr. Douglas Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. James Peterson
Ms. Nancy Peterson
Mr. Carson Pfeifer
Dr. and Mrs. Mark P. Pfeifer
Desmond Pickett
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Pieratt
Mr. Jackson R. Pierce
Allison and Luke Pitman
Ms. Marcia Pitman
Ms. Virginia Plambeck
Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Pope
Eric Post
C. Ray Potts, MD
Gwynne and Grover Potts
Mona and Rick Powell
Dee Pregliasco
Mrs. Susan Price
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Priddy
Vicki and June Prince
Malcolm and Dee Privette
Kathy Purnell
Peggy Putney
Charles and Carol Pye
Mr. Gordon Rademaker
Mr. Art Raderer
Tom and Janet Raderer
Ed and Carrie Rankin
Martie Rankin
Don and Ann Ransdell
Mr. Andrew C. Rapp
Joe and Sue Rawlings
Peggy Ray
Mrs. Betty Reaves
Teddy and Lora Redmon
Dr. John P. Reed, Jr.
Rick and Becky Reed
Ms. Beverly A. Reeser
Ms. Valerie Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance J. Regan
Dr. and Mrs. K. Thomas Reichard, Jr.
Ms. Barbara P. Reid and Mr. David Hyman
Dann and Teal Reilly
David and Kara Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Reilly
Becky and Reese Reinhold
Ms. Kathleen Renda
Linda & John Renfro
Mr. Chuck Requet
Mr. Robert W. Reuther
Courtney Rhorer
Dr. and Mrs. Russell R. Rice
Theodore “Ted” Rich
William Rich
Sandy Richardson
Mr. Kendrick Riggs
Ms. Bess Riney
Lynn Miller and Mike Risley
Mrs. Judy Ritsema
Jessica and Matt Rives
Mr. and Mrs. Will Rives
Marsha Robards
Frances P. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Roberts
Jeff and Paula Roberts
Laurie Anne and Bill Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. John Robinson
Mark and Elizabeth Robinson
Mr. Sean Roche
Madison Roehrig
Ms. Ginger Roether
Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Rogers
Patricia and Alan Roles
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Ronald
Mary S. Roney
Mary Rooney
Mrs. N. Joyce Roos
Ms. Marilyn Rose
Mr. Wayne Rose
Laura and David Roshberg
Hephzibah and Michael Roskelly
Jane H. Roth
Art and Cheryl “Marcum” Rothgerber
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Rothgerber
Mr. Timothy Routon
Mr. Robert L. Royer
Ms. Elizabeth T. Ruch
Embry Rucker and Joan MacLean
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Rudd
Mr. George W. Rue, III
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rueff
Ms. Danielle Ruffin
Dr. Robert Rush
Shirley and William Rutledge
Mr. Tim Rutledge
Mr. Bob Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. William Rybak
Ms. Louise Sachs
Ms. Susan Salsburg
Henry and Lynn Sanders
Mr. Will Sanders
Phyllis Santos
Mr. Kenneth Savitz
Judith Schad
David and Ramona Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Schardein
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schardein
Ken and Kim McConnell Schiewetz
Ms. Erin Schlader
Ms. Pamela Schmelz
Mr. Mark A. Schmetzer
Mr. and Mrs. Luke B. Schmidt, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Schmidt
Mr. Martin F. Schmidt, Jr.
Michael D. Schmidt
Regina Schmidt
Ms. Tara Schmitt
Ms. Jessica George and Ms. Nancy Schoenhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scholtz
Mrs. Frances M. Scholtz
Quentin and Rebecca Scholtz
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Scholtz
Linda Schrecker
Colleen Bryla Schreppel
Roycelea and David C. Scott
Jack E. Scott
Jennifer Scott
Ms. Kelly Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Seiler
Louise B. Seiler
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Semple, II
M. Thurman Senn
Mrs. Judy Shackleton
Ann M. Sharp
Karen Shaughnessy
Ludmilla B. Shaver
Mr. Rick Shaver
Estate of Ms. Cynthia A. Shaw
Ms. Margaret I. Shaw
Mr. S. Butch Shaw
Mrs. Jeanie Shelman
Kim Shippey
Winona and Joe Shiprek
Ms. Tara Shoultz
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Shuck
Evelyn Siemens
Jerry and Joyce Simmons
Dale Skaggs
Ms. Susan Skolnick
Mike and Louise Slaven
Mr. Larry T. Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Slone
Bob and Jane Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Smith
Mr. Bruce Smith and Ms. Sally Ann Greenfield
Douglas C. and Maxene C. Smith
Karen and Farrell Smith Foundation
Raymond G. and Susan W. Smith
Mr. Russell Smith
Richard A. Smithson
Janet Snapp
Mr. Don W. Snyder
Mr. Henry W. Snyder
Mrs. Mary E. Snyder
Sarah M. Snyder
Susan and Chip Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Soergel
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Spears
Ms. Sandy Spears
Mr. Frank Speiden
Latham and Leigh Speiden
Ms. Valerie Spies
Art and Nancy Sponsler
Betty and David Stallard
Chris and Susan Staples
Mr. and Mrs. H. Powell Starks
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Steele
Mr. Sammy Steele
Mr. William Steele
Ms. Susan W. Steffen
David and Connie Steffey
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Steinrock
Bob and Mary Ann Stenger
Ms. Dana Stephenson
Ms. Sally Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Stocker
Mr. John L. Stokes and Dr. Virginia R. Stokes
Ms. Marley Stokes
Mr. and Mrs. John Stone
Steve and Marty Stooksberry
Dorene Tomerlin Stopher
Ms. Amanda Storment
Mr. Harold Storment
Ann and Dave Stosberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Stottmann
Stephen and Kimberly Stowers
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Strange
Mr. Steven A. Stratford
Lindy B. Street
Mrs. Frank P. Strickler, III
Frank P. Strickler, IV
Mr. Raymond Strothman
Ernie and Barbara Stroxtile
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Strunk
Mr. Roberto Stuart
Gene and Peg Suckow
Mrs. Ellen Suetholz
Mrs. Carolyn Svoboda
David and Lauren Swim
Mary Hillerich Tabler
Mrs. Arthur Tafel, Jr.
William and Rebecca Tafel
Philip and Esther Tamplin
Ms. Jennifer Tandy
Mr. and Mrs. Alec Taylor
John and Sally Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. K. Grant Taylor
Mrs. Kelly Taylor
Andrea Teagle
Ogden Gloria Teague
Mr. Jack & Mrs. Ruth D. Teeple
Mrs. Melissa TenBarge
Jan M. Terry
Aaron and Karen Thomas
Ms. Laura H. Thomas
Allana Thompkins
Edward D. Thompson
Mr. John Thompson
Paul and Pamela Thompson
Mrs. Rose Thompson
Vickie Thompson Riggs
James and Dee Thornton
Sarah and Tom Thornton
Mr. John D. Tichenor
Jean Tillett
Ellen Timmons
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Tittel, Jr.
Mr. Ansel Tjin A Tam
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Treitz, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand A. Trompeter
Mrs. Bonnie Turner
Walter D. Turner
Mr. William H. Turner and Ms. Deborah Mastrangelo
Ms. Mary Twohig
Mandy and Terry Tyler
Ms. Willie Tyrrell
Katherine G. Ussery
Virginia Vail
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Vairin
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vanderwerp
Mr. Ferenc Vegh
Laurie and George Vieth, Jr.
Judith Vittitow
Mr. Jordan Vogt
Margaret Wadlington
Camille Wagner
Ms. Frances S. Wagner
Charlotte M. Walford
Jane and David Walker
Hugh and Delia Walker
Mr. and Mrs. William Walker
Mrs. Louise R. Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walton
Mr. and Mrs. John Hardin Ward, IV
Ms. Judith L. Waterman
Matthew and Kathleen Watkins
Ms. Porter Watkins and Mr. George Bailey
Ms. Linda Watson
Ethel N. Webster
John and Lynda Weeks
Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Weisbach
Ms. Martha Weisbach
Lisa M. Weisert
Margery T. Welch
Elaine Wells
Mrs. Edith M. Wells
Greg and Tammy Wells
Michael Wells
Patrick and Sheila Welsh
Mr. Stephen Wesley
Ms. Dabney West
Patty and Bill West
Mr. James E. Westbay
Ms. Kaaren E. Westlund
Mrs. Chrissy Wethington
Mr. David Whalin
Ms. Angela Wheat
Chris and Amy Whelan
Mrs. Shirley Whitaker
Mr. and Mrs. George W. White
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Wiebusch
Diane Wiegel
Tiffany Wiegel
Ms. Frances Wilkinson
Mr. Carl Williams
Mr. Keith L. Williams
Beth and Brad Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell R. Willig
Ms. Laka Wilson
Mrs. Patricia Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Wilson
Karen Wilson-Wickliffe
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Windchy
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Wolford
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Wolford
Stephen and Coretta Wolford
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Wombwell
Ms. Edith N. Wombwell
Keitt and Frank Wood
Mrs. Maida Wood
Susan and David Wood
Margaret and John Woods
David and Ann Worland
Patricia R. Wrege
Ms. Judy M. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wunsch
James L. Young
Margaret Young
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Yusk
Ted Hodge and Jan Yusk
Mr. Chadd Zartman
Ms. Cindy Zilich
These are the Businesses who have supported The Patch in 2020.
Actors Theatre Of Louisville
AFP Greater Louisville Chapter
Alliant Technologies
Automatic Air
Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc.
Baxter’s Corner
Bloomerang LLC
Bluegrass Roller Service
Brown-Forman Corporation
Brown’s Car Washes
Byerly Ford Nissan
Card N All Gaming
Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc.
Commonwealth Bank & Trust Co.
Commonwealth Insurance Partners
Consider It Done, LLC
DAC Group/Louisville, Inc.
Data Facts, Inc.
Defying Gravity LLC
Delta Dental of Kentucky
Duane Realty & Development LLC
Duane Realty Group, LLC
Fastline Publications, LLC
First Tee
Frost Brown Todd LLC
GE Employees Campaign
The Glenview Trust Company
Greg Haus Insurance Agency, Inc.
Health Help, Inc.
Hussung Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
ID&A, Inc.
Megan Imel State Farm
Interlock Industries
Isurus Market Research and Consulting
Jefferson Memorial Forest
K. Norman Berry Associates, PLLC
The Kentucky Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery PSC
Kentucky Harvest
LG&E and KU Energy LLC
Lisa Niehaus Custom Designs
Louisville Arm and Hand
The Louisville Game Shop
Louisville Geek
Louisville Tennis Center
Louisville Tile
Luckett and Farley
MCM CPAs & Advisors
MM Lending, LLC
Munson Business Interiors, Inc.
Museum Bees by Trace Mayer
Nerd Louisville
Palmer Products Corporation
PNC Bank
Prasco Laboratories
Printing Solutions, Inc.
Quick Wash, LLC
Robert Half Management Resources
Samtec, Inc.
Scheller’s Fitness & Cycling
Seascape Phase Four Association, Inc.
Southwest Airlines
Sterling Thompson Company
Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co.
Strothman and Company
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
United States Tennis Association
Vita-Stat, LLC
Ward Engineering Company, Inc.
Whelan Digital Marketing
These are the Foundations, Social Service Organizations and Churches who have supported The Patch in 2020.
Amazon Smile Foundation
Armstrong Family Foundation
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Brown-Forman Foundation
James Graham Brown Foundation
C. E. and S. Foundation
The Caroline Christian Foundation
The Community Foundation of Louisville
The Cory Foundation
The Dick’s Sporting Goods Foundation
Margaret E. & Stephen E. Diebold Charitable Foundation Inc.
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
The Gardner Foundation, Inc.
GE Foundation
The Gheens Foundation, Inc.
Gill Family Foundation Inc.
The Wood and Marie Hannah Foundation Inc.
The Humana Foundation Inc.
Indigo Foundation, Inc.
Kosair Charities
Landrum Community Charities Fund
LG&E and KU Foundation, Inc.
Mackin Family Foundation
The Mahan Foundation, Inc.
The Maplewood Foundation
The Norton Foundation, Inc.
PNC Foundation
PNC Foundation Matching Gift Program
Taylor Family Foundation, Inc.
V. V. Cooke Foundation
Mary E. Yarbrough Fund
Yum! Brands Foundation, Inc.
Access Commmunity Assistance, Inc.
Babblers Book Club
Belgravia Court Association
Buechel Woman’s Club Inc.
Evolve 502
Louisville Male Traditional High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals
Second Street Neighborhood Association
Spalding University Finance Office
The Woman’s Club Of Louisville Inc.
University of Louisville – Athletics
Untamed Mopar Car Club
Veteran Drug Club


Anchorage Presbyterian Church
Beulah Presbyterian Church
Christ Church United Methodist – The Mulligans Class
Christ Church United Methodist – Seekers Sunday School Class
Epiphany Catholic Church
Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church
Highland Baptist Church
Highland Presbyterian Church
Holy Trinity Church – St. Vincent de Paul Society
Melbourne Heights Baptist Church
More Grace Ministries
Our Lady of Lourdes Church
St. Agnes Conference – St. Vincent de Paul Society
St. Albert the Great Church – St. Vincent de Paul Society
St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church
Second Presbyterian Church