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In Memory of Joe Burks, Sr.

The Cabbage Patch family celebrates the life of Joe Burks, Sr., a faithful supporter and tireless advocate for Louisville’s at-risk youth. Joe went to his eternal reward on March 20, 2015.

Joe Burks, Sr.

Joe was an outstanding athlete who brought lessons of teamwork and perseverance to the children of The Cabbage Patch. As a coach, his unique ability to develop personal relationships made him an influential role model for the young people of The Patch, and he inspired generations of children to seek excellence in their lives.

When Joe coached a team, he focused on making a winner out of even the weakest player. While some coaches may find success in playing only their best athletes in order to secure a win, Joe preferred the victory of inspiring confidence in children who may have been stuck on the bench as part of another team. Anyone who made the team got to play under his leadership-his ability to motivate helped young people surpass their own expectations.

Joe discussed the impact that The Cabbage Patch made on his life in an interview for our history book:

“My mother died in 1941 when I was 14 years old. My father worked night work that sort of put me out on the streets…the people who ran The Cabbage Patch influenced me and helped me a great deal, kept me off the streets, kept me out of trouble. If it had not been for The Cabbage Patch, I don’t know where I would have been today…I know I wouldn’t have gone to college. I would not have been the Christian that I am today had it not been for the influence of The Cabbage Patch.” – Joe Burks, Sr. (excerpt)

Throughout his life, Joe Burks, Sr. served our ministry as a staff member, volunteer, donor and advocate. We are thankful for his contributions, and our prayers are with his family. His legacy of motivation and resilience lives on in our values at The Cabbage Patch.

For Joe Burks, Sr.’s full obituary, click here: Joe Burks, Sr.