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Kids and Technology: A Winning Combination!

With recent government cuts to after school and summer programs, it is more important than ever that privately funded organizations fill the need for constructive programming during out of school time. At The Cabbage Patch, we are blessed to have supporters that make creative solutions possible for the challenges faced by at-risk children.

Traditionally, low income students are underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields, in part because those students do not have access to “STEMprep” programs. The Cabbage Patch’s educational specialists have been focusing on STEM activities to assure that the children we serve can engage in these vital educational areas. Two local foundations, The Etscorn Foundation and The Sutherland Foundation, made our summer Computer and Robotics Camp a very exciting, valuable part of our STEM initiatives.

Technology seems to move at the speed of light, and we want children to see our teaching resources as reliable and current. Thanks to The Etscorn Foundation, we were able to complete some much-needed upgrades in our computer lab just in time for summer camp! The Etscorn Foundation’s gift will continue to benefit our students throughout the year as they use the lab for ACT preparation, homework, computer literacy training and more!

The partnership between people and machines was explored through robotics during this exciting camp, thanks to The Sutherland Foundation. Children learned about subjects like design challenges, coding and programming, communication systems and biometrics. Because it introduces children to STEM in such a fun way, this camp sets up young students for a lifetime of success and confidence in these areas of study.

Imagine the educational boost that comes from such an engaging summer camp program! When children have the opportunity to participate in worthwhile activities during out of school time, they develop purpose, motivation and pride in their accomplishments. We are thankful for The Etscorn Foundation, The Sutherland Foundation, and our many other donors who make this possible!