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Lessons Carved in Stone

Summer camps have come to an end, and not only have we created a lot of great memories, we have started some new beginnings. Camp participants have had opportunities all summer to try new things and discover new talents. The children have learned computer skills that will help them throughout their school and professional careers, participated in performance opportunities that build confidence, visited college campuses to help make higher education decisions and more!

One of the last camps of the season was Secret Garden Camp, which teaches cooking, crafting and other activities focused on enjoying plants! A highlights of the week was a workshop with Nelstone. We started with a garden stone carved with a pattern, and each child had the opportunity to chip out a piece of the stone. As we worked, the words ‘Secret Garden’ were revealed.

Secret Garden 1

After each child chipped out a piece of the stone, he or she consulted with stone sculptor Albert Nelson on what kind of shape to make into a necklace. When Mr. Nelson completed a pendant, we would finish the necklace with colorful string.

Secret Garden 2

While we were working, the children learned about different types of rock and had the opportunity to try to match rock shapes to a map of the United States. It was great fun to learn a little geology and geography while learning about artistry in stone.

Secret Garden 4