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Seed to Table Garden Club: Good Chives Only

What do you call ten sprouts planting veggies at The Cabbage Patch? The answer is: Seed to Table Garden Club!  

Every week, our members get their hands dirty in the courtyard while learning how to care for plants and fresh produce. Our garden is an impressive array of berries, potatoes, vegetables, and herbs. There are also flowers mixed in to attract pollinators, like bees. This puts members of The Cabbage Patch at the center of the entire lifecycle of the garden; planting, raising, and eventually cooking with the fresh food grown right in our own backyard. The garden has been a favorite for many years, as noted by Judy, a past volunteer who stays connected to us on social media. On a recent post, she commented, “I volunteered for many years in that garden…so glad [it] has continued for The Patch!” 

The garden can be one of the quieter spaces at The Patch, as our members listen and learn about plant care, soil conditions, the benefit of bugs, and art of planting things strategically. There are good vibes and fun times that keep the kids coming back for more. This club is led by Ms. Mayghin, who also serves as The Patch’s Director of Programs & Outreach, along with help from volunteers. When asked what she enjoys most about leading this program, Ms. Mayghin said, “I love that the kids are constantly seeing, touching, smelling, or experiencing something new that completely absorbs them.” She gave the example of a recent lesson that took an unexpected turn. While talking to the group about harvest festivals around the world, a large beetle entered the garden space, shifting all focus into its direction. What was intended to be a segue for planning a harvest festival at The Patch, turned into a fun lesson about garden friends vs. garden foes. It’s important to note that no beetles (who are garden friends, by the way) were harmed during this lesson.  

Every child deserves to know that they are good at something. The Seed to Table Garden Club is just one of the spaces at The Patch that empowers our kids to feel skilled, accomplished, and open to learning new things. They love to see the results of their efforts, and nothing brings a smile to their faces like enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables that they helped to grow. These vital life skills give our kids a smile today, but will continue to serve them for life. That’s what it’s all about.

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