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The Cabbage Patch in Motion!

It’s only natural for children to want to move! Whether they are jumping for joy, shimmying with excitement or even fidgeting out of boredom, little ones seem to be in a constant state of motion. Dance is a creative way to channel this energy into a beneficial pastime, but many schools do not offer dance training as part of their curriculum. At The Cabbage Patch, dance is one of the unique after school activities that inspire excitement in our members.

Dance tryouts

We begin our dance practice with gentle stretching before moving on to choreography. Learning a dance routine is a great way to exercise not only the body, but also the mind. Memorizing a series of movements activates the memory and facilitates coordination.

Dance tryouts 2

Dance is also a wonderful way to cultivate group dynamics. Children learn to work as a team and cooperate to create a beautiful performance. It’s not uncommon to see participants teaching one another as one child recalls a piece of the puzzle that another forgot.

By teaching dance, we encourage what comes naturally to children and coach them to persevere, develop endurance and help one another. It’s amazing what a child can accomplish when we set their creative spirit free, so try it with your kids today! Shake around the kitchen or wiggle down the hall…let yourself be silly!