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The Cabbage Patch Settlement House is a local, non-profit Christian organization.
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When Will We See You Again?

The Cabbage Patch Board of Directors is a diverse group, and each Board member brings a very unique set of talents  and connections to our mission. We value their guidance in financial matters, strategic planning, marketing plans and more, and ask any Cabbage Patch Board member why they serve and the answer will be the same: it’s all about the children! We organized a fun night of program volunteering for the Board so they could connect with the children of The Patch, and after the activities in visual arts, performing arts, athletics and education, there was one interaction that was particularly moving. A Board member was saying goodbye after helping a young girl with an art project when she asked “When will we see you again?”

Board night small
Board night small 3

The children of The Patch love visitors, especially caring adults who are willing to spend some time with them. When a trusted volunteer takes the time to help a child with homework, play a game or create a project, that child feels worthy of attention and develops self-confidence, respect and motivation. For a child whose mother works two jobs and can’t find much time for studying or playing, this goes a long way toward academic and social development.

Board night small 2
Board night small 4

Our Board members noted that the children were all very polite, outgoing and excited to introduce them to “their” Cabbage Patch. We are thankful to have such a wonderful Board of Directors that has helped make the Patch a source of pride.

Board night small 5