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The Lessons of Spring Break

Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Stories from The Patch | 0 comments

On a windy day in Missouri, 16 year old Cara* was lagging behind her fellow Cabbage Patchers during the Spring Break biking and camping trip. Biking isn’t her favorite way to spend the day, but it’s a big part of the Leadership Development Club, and Cara is always a team player. The previous evening, she and the other girls returned to the campsite after a long day to find that their tent was broken. You might say that the trip was not all sunshine and smiles for Cara, but what did she learn?

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Spring Break Adventure on the Katy Trail

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For many teenagers, Spring Break is a just a time for relaxation and fun in the sun. However, the members of The Cabbage Patch’s Leadership Development program like a little challenge and adventure in their time off from school!

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Victories Big and Small

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What do you think most teenagers look forward to when they think of summer? A break from school, sleeping in, staying up late and lounging by the pool may be the activities that come to mind. But here at The Cabbage Patch, we have a very special group of teens who spend most of the year preparing to challenge themselves mentally, physically and spiritually with a 100 mile biking and camping trip on the C & O Canal Bike Trail!

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