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Out of the City and Into Adventure!

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Swoop! Swoop! “What was that?”

Campers who had traveled to The Great Smoky Mountains as part of our Travel Camp had just set out on a night hike when something seemed to be flying overhead. They had left their flashlights at camp in order to better appreciate the natural beauty of the dark woods, so they stood still and waited for the moon to shed a little light on the mystery. Two giant owls glided into view, and the teens excitedly watched their treetop dance.

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Exploring Kentucky, Exploring Ourselves

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Your support of The Cabbage Patch creates a supportive environment where children can form lasting friendships. When a young person is part of a positive, ambitious group, it makes it easier for them to step outside of their comfort zone and discover a new talent or interest. The group dynamic helps each child identify their unique strengths and therefore encourages independence and motivation.

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