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A Visit with The Cabbage Patch College Scholars

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Stories from The Patch | 0 comments

“You don’t work your way out of poverty, you educate your way out” is a phrase that former longtime staff member Roosevelt
Chin loved to say. This truth is at the heart of The Cabbage Patch’s College Scholars Program, an inspiring initiative that drives our mission to profoundly change lives.

The College Scholars program assures that at-risk students prepare to be college-ready; choose their college goals wisely; apply themselves throughout their college career; and graduate debt free, or with minimal debt. By maintaining a mentoring relationship throughout all stages of preparing for and navigating college, The Cabbage Patch is very successful in helping at-risk students attain degrees and become career-ready.

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Finals Week for The Cabbage Patch Scholars!

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As finals loom, we are so grateful to Girl Scout Troop 1312, who once again this year put together care packages to sustain our scholars as they hit the books and burn the midnight oil. These packages include college life staples like snacks, school supplies and gift cards, but the most valuable inclusions are the personalized notes of encouragement from the girls. With a few simple words, they remind the students that we are all counting on them to be tomorrow’s leaders!

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