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Paging Future Doctors…Science Camp at The Patch!

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At the University of Louisville’s School of Medicine, Cabbage Patch science campers leaned close to a hospital bed to inspect a very realistic medical simulation robot.

“My chest hurts!” Suddenly the robot seemed to spring to life, but he wasn’t feeling well! Campers jumped back in surprise, and nervous laughter ensued. Once they composed themselves, they began to ask the “patient” about his symptoms with rehearsed questions they had learned in an earlier session.

“What kind of pain is it?” asked one camper. “Can you rate your pain on a scale of 1-10?” asked another. Medical student Samantha Sears produced a stethoscope and the children explored the situation further. The kids also saw that the “patient’s” fingers and toes were blue (there were blue LEDs inside the robot’s fingers and toes).

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Baxter’s Corner Young Storytellers Camp – Inspiration for Cooperation!

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The journey toward completing the third installment in The Cabbage Patch’s children’s book series focused on cooperation. Participants in Baxter’s Corner’s Young Storytellers Camp learned that working together to achieve a common goal is not always easy, but it is very rewarding.

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Around the World in 5 Days!

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The children of The Cabbage Patch explore global culture without leaving Louisville in our Around the World Day Camp! The food, crafts, music and other traditions from a variety of regions make up an exciting week of discovery.

This year, highlights of Around the World Day Camp included a dance performance and workshop by the McClanahan School of Irish Dance, and a Brazilian jazz concert.

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Smart Cycling with The Patch!

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The Cabbage Patch’s Safe Urban Biking Program teaches children to ride smart throughout the year, and our Bike Day Camp is the perfect summertime introduction for those who want to learn to get started with safe cycling! Our League Cycling Instructors, certified by The League of American Bicyclists, are skilled at teaching children about the rules of the road, bike maintenance, safety gear and more.

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Young Chefs Camp Satisfies Appetites for Learning!

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When we cook together, we learn to work as a team. When we eat together, we share and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Few things bring people together quite like food, and that is why Young Chefs Camp is one of our most popular summer day camps!

The concept that is central to Young Chefs Camp is food literacy. Simply put, food literacy is understanding the impact of your food choices on your health, the environment and our economy. Because many of the children we serve live in inner city areas where fast food and convenience stores outnumber grocery stores, it is an important lesson for them to learn, and we present the concept in a fun, accessible way.

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